Here's the torch, who wants it?

To anyone that I’ve helped, or that’s liked or commented on anything I’ve said here, to those that have disagreed and discussed changes to PQ, and even to anyone that has made my time on here more entertaining with feeble attempts at “humour”…

Thank you, and goodnight.
Sadly, even I had to grow up one day…



You aren’t leaving for good are you? You’ve invested so much time and effort. What the hell happened that caused this bad of an outcome?
The forums will never be the same!!




Hope you don’t leave for good. Take a break and re-evaluate. From what I can tell you are a big part of this discourse community.

You have helped dozens of people, so it is only fair that you should help yourself and take this break. I wish you luck in your future endeavours.

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Nobody quits PQ or anything related to PQ. Escape is impossible.


Too many flags, not enough competition, boredom, real life or merely a jest? If you are so inclined Inkwiring Mines would like to know :sunglasses:


There is time for everything. You are doing very good. Thank you and good luck!

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Not sure if you really decided to leave or not, but you’ll be missed. Hope all is well. :hugs::hugs: @Pixie_Mici

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Wow! What’s the world coming to. Who did this? Really depressing as she was a big part of pq. SUCKS! Best of everything to you Mici.

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Thank you everyone.
It means a lot to read this.

Just popped in to say goodbye to Hoo.
This won’t be a on / off / on / off thing.

Unless someone is a total self obsessed whiner.
Then I might respond :wink:


Are you trying to imply that there aren’t enough here :wink:

But seriously, it’s sad to see all of you long time players leave…
Discourse didn’t change for the betterment without you @Pixie_Mici @Cottontail & from now on @Oasis_Is_Finesse

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Saw your peeking Pix and understand. Many pop in who have gone the retirement route. Any chance yourselves named above can get Turt to join you :wink::grin:?


Leaving game altogether or jumping off discourse?

in a creepy obiwan force ghost style,
90% spirit 10% a-hole but I’m around :rofl:

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Now it looks like an on / off / on / off thing.

Don’t worry, I’m just back until they announce the S1/4 merge.

Then I’ll go away again

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