Hero Ascension Preview

Hey folks!

We have an exciting change to Hero progression that we hope will allow you to diversify your team rosters and return some favorite Heroes to the meta. We’ve heard your feedback about the current state of Portal Quest’s content cadence. We understand that it can be tiring to keep up with new Heroes and rarities coming out so often. With that in mind, we’d like to announce the beginning of the next phase of Portal Quest with: Hero Ascension.

When a Hero reaches Gold+14 and meets all the requirements of Ascension, you will be able to “Ascend’’ it. Ascending a Hero will reset it back to White Rarity. The Hero’s skills and stats retain the effective power of the level they had when they were Ascended. Essentially, Heroes start fresh and you re-level them, going through the existing progression process for substantial, continued power scaling. Ascending and re-leveling your heroes will give you a leg up over your opponents! We’ll be adding existing Heroes to the Ascendable Pool each month. Some of these heroes might also get a base stat refresh if needed, when we enable them for Ascension!

To start off, we will begin enabling heroes for Ascension on Server 1 on Thursday, March 18th. We will announce the first few heroes that will be made available for Ascension when we get closer to the release date. We will keep a very close eye on your feedback on Server 1 and make any necessary adjustments to the system before rolling the feature out to Servers 8 and 11. As part of the release of Ascension we are putting a pause on new heroes, chapters, and rarities on Server 1 so that you can focus on the new feature and resulting metas!

How Ascension Works:

How To Ascend

  • When a hero becomes available for Ascension, it will appear in the “Ascension” hero list filter as “Ascendable”.
  • Heroes that have Ascension available but haven’t met all of the requirements will display an empty star in the lower right corner of their panel on the Heroes Screen.
  • Clicking on the empty star shows all of the remaining requirements that Hero needs to meet before they can be Ascended
  • Once all of the requirements are met, the star on the Hero’s Panel will be filled in to signify that the Hero is ready for Ascension
  • You can Ascend your heroes from the Rating section of the Stats tab in the Hero Screen.
  • You must have the appropriate number of your hero’s unique “Ascension Shards" to Ascend it.
  • For now, you will only be able to Ascend a hero once.

Display Level vs Effect Level

  • Hero level and skill levels will display the current level post-Ascension as well as what would be the total Effective Level, in parentheses.
  • For Example: A Newly Ascended hero’s Effective Level would be equal to 286 while it’s Display Level is 1.
  • Skills that rely on level checks for success will always use Effective Level.

Ascension Stats Scaling

  • When a hero Ascends it will continue to scale beyond its previous max power.
  • This will give Ascended heroes an edge over non-Ascended heroes as they progress!

Progression Costs

  • After a hero is Ascended it will reuse all existing costs for the following areas of progression:
    • Hero Level
    • Skill Levels
      • Normal
      • Epic (Epic skills will now require Ascension stones as well as Hero Shards to level up.)
      • Honor
  • After Ascension becomes available for a hero, you will be able to acquire their Ascension Shards in the following places:
    • Gold chests
    • Elite Campaign
    • Deals
    • Guild Shop
    • Heroic Chests

Essence Ascension

  • When you Ascend a Hero, its Hero Essences become locked in and can no longer be removed.
  • You can spend Hero XP to Ascend Essences on an Ascended hero.
    • Ascending an essence will add on to the current bonus stats granted by leveling Hero Essences!
  • Honor Skill level caps will be directly tied to Hero Essence Tiers
    • You can unlock new level caps by completing Tiers

Rarity Adjustments

  • A Hero’s Max Level and the Max Level of its skills will be unlocked by reaching new Rarities after it’s Ascended

The Rankings screen will have a new ranking option for “Player Ascension Level”

  • A Hero’s Ascension Level is equal to how many times it has been Ascended.
  • This ranks players based on the total number of Ascension Levels they have so you can see how you compare to other players on the server.

We’re all very excited about the changes coming to Portal Quest! We think you’ll enjoy the revitalization of some of your favorite, older heroes and the expanded possibilities for PvP competitiveness unlocked by Ascension! Our goal with the Ascension system is to give you another way to continue to engage with the features and community that you love. Please let us know what you think!


I think this announcement was a long time coming lol.

Next… Alt amnesty :wink:

Please don’t make me ascend two accounts :pray:


:+1: :+1: :+1:

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Does it mean “We run out of the ideas for new levels in Campaign and cannot invent a colour after “Gold”, so let’s reuse what’s already there”?


They can’t win :joy:

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Yup seems like no matter what they do people are complaining :joy:


I blame Bob


Very exciting news - game on!

I still don’t understand is it going to update is it going to make a power stronger or is it just going to be a sorry toon

Because a lot of the toons you have given given us have no strength they’re very weak very sorry and I’m worth playing with

So to be the one to say it @Polaris
Its about damn time you make towers payout mega xp cause you dont realise what youve just done …

You will also have to up campaign and dungeon xp too as they havent been able to satiate heros for a long time unless you dump shed loads of stam packs and then the hours in dungeon

Im all for progress but to make it successful the infrastructure needs to be able to cope with demand

Make sure youve evaluated the repurcussions before commiting to a potential failure

Anyways… cottons out got a night shift to get back to


Oh believe you me! They completely know what they’ve done!

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All essences must be equipped AND max level??!

Yeah, I don’t remember that being a requirement for ascensions when it was last talked about.

Also, I can’t for the life of me see where that star is on the lower right corner of the hero panel of those screenshots.


Thanks :joy: I’m glad I’m not alone


“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." …

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It means trying to show Platinum +32 on the frame is virtually impossible without a magnifying glass, so they had to stop with colors. I can see this taking top guild members all of 15 minutes to max them all out. Right back to current issues. They are at least attempting to listen.

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Let’s be honest, this is about 35, or 85 levels too late.
Heck, 185 levels too late in some people’s eyes.

What a lovely round number to ascend at.

An argument could have been made at 255 for squares, but this is just painful to look at.

For all I commend SW:GOH for their sensible decision to stop having to level characters at a reasonable number and just work on gear (don’t get me started on the gear requirements lol), the fact it was such a random number always confused me there too.

It’s bad enough that the gear levels are 0,1,2,4,8,14,14…

To try and get through that grind again.
Five times.
Per hero.
While also collecting some nebulous new ascension shards.
And spending more XP to ascend the essences…

It looks like you listened to all of our requests for what we would like to see happen, and made a list of all of those things.

Then you listened to all of our concerns about how this could become an exercise in futility and grinding for the sake of giving people so much to do that they are too busy to realise that this is a coat of paint over the same mechanics and nothing has changed and oh my god I’m never going to keep up with this…

And wrote all that down.

After listening carefully to our requests, and our concerns, you gave our list of warnings to the developers and said “make it just like that”, while setting fire to the request list, and using it to light your cigar…

Am I close? :wink:


Let’s not talk about the lopsidedness of the design of the gear rarity circle upgrades.

“Oh, it was always our idea to have +14 and make the circles look ridiculous and off centre.
That way the red dot won’t get in the way…”

There was a perfect time to lock all the existing grind behind you, and make the only thing we needed to collect these new ascension shards.

Lock the border as a new “ascended” , much less fussy thing.
The circle could have gone to a thicker solid band.
(Possibly started as a really dark grey, and become “whiter” as the hero ascended each time. Even in a colour, it could have gone up in shades)

That would have been a good use for this new rarity table , rather than bolt it onto even more work for essences.

What had been an interesting open conversation and discussion about how to move forward, slowly turned into a sense of dread and foreboding.

For all @Golden_Princess says no matter what you do, people are complaining, I would love to hear someone take up for this as a good idea.

Or at least argue the merits of this version of implementation for the players.


In all of forums history I don’t think Mici has been wrong. This update looks really bad, I’m all for stopping the tiring updates but this is obviously finding new ways to milk us. Free to plays players will get demolished by 5x ascended gold +14 or whatever we are on all gear enchanted max skills max honor meta lines, Per Blue will get payed. That’s just the way it is, if you don’t have a wallet you don’t matter to Per Blue, who is getting lazier by the second.


Don’t worry - coming soon: ** Second Ascension **

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