Hero Essences (not attached)

Hi guys, I‘m not entirely sure, but I can remember being able to see all possible essences I was able to attach before doing so in the past ( even the ones I had to level up).

Was that just my imagination? If not, I think it would be great to bring that back… would hate to use all my levelled up wild essences if I still have other ones that are just waiting to be levelled…

If yes, do you think that‘d be a good idea, and doable?


Yeah I agree. Wild essence should only pop up to use if you have no other essence to use. I wasted a few this way until I realized that the unleveled ones weren’t showing up on the list.

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It’s not quite your imagination. If an Essence(s) is un-equipped and already of the appropriate level that is what will be shown instead of a mixture of equipable and un-equipable ones. If no essences are of the appropriate level then you’ll be shown a list of all the ones that can be leveled to then be equipped.

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Hm… would rather like to see them all together, though ^^“

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