Hero Experience in HONOR Trials

Why has It been removed ? hero XP is quite insufficient from campaigns alone due to the vast requirements since Red rarity and Essences, I decided to stay in the game because this was terribly helpful and now it’s gone :frowning:

Trials never had it, (I think)
You can get hero Exp from the tower?

Kain you Pepega,

Jenni shows you can get it from the tower and not trials,
Trials is only for scraps

Tower is for Hero XP and nuggets

Honour trials gives xp though :yum:

Just saying :joy::joy:

And maybe player means fighting instead of raiding… Only way you could earn xp from regular trials… Is that still there? Or… I dunno I only Raid em

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Precisely, I was reffering to RAID RESULTS in Honor trials, yesterday they gave up to 300k hero experience each, but now they don’t give crap, Tower has NOTHING to do with it.

First, honor trials have only been around for exactly two days. Second, yesterday’s honor trial is different from today’s and gave different drops. You’ll get magic trials again tomorrow and xp drops will be in there.


Awesome, thank you very much for clarifying

Cheese Jeez, calm down

Perhaps we didn’t understand it the first time because you didn’t clarify it very well
We’re just here to help you, nothing else

Still think you’re a Pepega