Hero red dot for honor skill


Ugh. I dont have enough essence for a hero honor skill, but the red dot won’t go away for that hero. I would love for this to go away if not enough available essence for recipe.


Attach the one You have.
It will go away.

You can always unattach it, if another hero needs it.
It’s only a little amount of gold and exp.
And it gets rid of the dot.

Trust me…

No red dot


Lol. Nice workaround. But we shouldn’t have to fo that.


Some weird people can cope with red dots.
Technically, it’s telling you that you can equip something to your hero.
So the red dot is justified.

It’s like in s9, where I am trying to make a Crystal ball, but other heroes could equip the staff of bees…
Technically the red dot is right, I just have to ignore it :frowning:

Also… Hello wolverine9 :wink:


Why do you have to ignore it I never ignore it


I ignore it, because making this…

Means that I won’t be able to make this in six drops time…

It’s a question of priorities


Thankfully, I have learned to ignore that little, shiny, rubbery ball.


Teach me your ways, senpai


Remember Endless Dungeon?:joy::joy::joy:


Who or is a player on the game called Senpai?