Hero skin options


I believe heros skins should be more available. Not with the purchase of real currency though because thats not fair for everyone. They released a golden dookie for 10k diamonds. That was way too high a price anyway. It could be introduced into guild shop or merchant shops. Merchant shops would be nice as i have 60k in fortress and crusade tokens. They could also be dropped in trapped chests when the gold key unlocks it. I see alot of people from s1 have many different ones than us amd would like to be able to aquire them. Most of the ones we got were in portal lords but the skin at the end is not what most people think about when choosing faction. Alot of the skins we did get are crappy hollow ones. Plus PL only comes out every 6 weeks


Just win Portal Lords or Contest


We have won alot. The skins just take too long to get. My score on the last pl was 28k and my guild was top for our faction. Our faction came in second. That being said, it may take 3 months to get a skin if you dont win pl. Gettinf a skin every 6 weeks to 12 weeks is too long for just customized characters looks.


Right now on s8, you can buy a pony skin for diamonds


Is it hollow pony. I think we had that opporunity 6 months ago when i got it


That will be great if we have an additional way to get rhe skin. For some reason S1 have many more skin.

Yes diamonds or any other options.

I. not taking the Hollow ones. The others ones.

Agreed with @Magistrate_Gauge_VI


If you read State of the Game 2018, PB is working on a Cosmetic shop for the Guild shop. That should include skins.


I am totally fine with not only skins with extra stats for diamonds, but also customizable skins with extra stats for paying customers.

Like Panther with a skin or two that gives him anything from like flat 10k to 1% increase in hp… Then maybe different sets of swords that increase offense, defense, stun durability, even energy gain or cooldown rate (balance check for OP).
Make them available for gem purchases for spending customers and as a part of event drops (like shards) for f2p or small spenders and there will be a movement in the top meta that does not need gear or cap increase for an extrended time. And it will make the game more fun and versitile.

I would farm the shizz out of a Banana Hammock for Panther even if the stats are something dumb like +2 Charisma…or give me some cool Dragon tats for Khal Dragoon…


Portal Lords are every third week… not recently because of merge, but normally… definately support easier access to everything though😉


Portal Lord’s next week.
Then Dec 3rd.
Then Christmas break means next one Jan 7th.

All subject to changes for merges lol

And echoing the response that there will be a cosmetic guild shop.
Which will be over priced, but still an option