Hero Spotlight: Grizzled Hunter

After spending years alone in the wilds, Grizzled Hunter has learned that his favorite thing about other people is shooting them. His aim is legendary.

Have you been investing in Grizzled Hunter? If so do you have any thoughts on who to pair him with, or what situations he’s especially good in? Also, is there anything you think we could improve for Grizzled Hunter? Let us know!


Wish I could have this guy be great with the wizard

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He’s to weak for looking so rugged

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He’s decent needs to be stronger

He is solitary because he’s not worth putting in any line up

Bullet time special ability isn’t strong enough to be useable

This hero used to be a good staple to any lineup. Since the inception of salty merc he falls short on dps and survivability.

Great AOE.
Immobilize is awesome. Need to increase duration and casting.

Dies fast
Not enough damge

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Nice hero I think it’s seems like a really strong guy to fight with

He is solitary becauase he ins’t on my team :smile:

I think he has a great look and I would like to have him in my lineup but he is just not strong enough. Also his ‘never forget’ skill does not make sense. Since the thing he likes about people is shooting them, he should get a rush from killing (rage), rather than having a drive to avenge his fallen ally.

Someone has to be an avenger. Instead of watching and waiting for their own death. :smile:

Hey… That’s pretty good! And he didn’t dun goof yet.


Well i sure hope he isnt nerfed. He needs a bit of a buff to be honest. He and ginger beard need a boost

He’s chest looks like dirt Block from minecraft, its funny.

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At the start of the game he is very useful. Them is two slow. I like the skills thats a good thing but he charge energy also slow. I most of the time only used it on some of tournament match or some crusade, this when you have a good roster of heroes.

I need all the good ones.

Supper hero??¿¿???

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It’s pretty risky timing Grizzled Hunter’s Bullet Time when he has low health, especially since he dies a little too quickly.

Grizzled hunter is now too overpowered with his epic skill, kills entire teams with his epic ability. Hunter and bowman need nerfing, ASAP

He is not weak

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