Hero Spotlight: Highwayman


What’s cooler than duel wielding some old flintlock pistols, or toting a fashionable brown duster? Why, rocking a gnarly face scar of course! Highwayman brings all of these to the battlefield coupled with decent damage output and a touch of utility.

Tips for using Highwayman:

  • Even though he looks rough around the edges he’s actually a pretty nice guy once you get to know him, ask some of the Fury Heroes.
    • Currently he is the only Hero in the game with the Fury Friend skill so he should be your go-to guy when trying to assemble a Fury heavy team.
    • Look to pair him with Scarred Brawler or The Grizz in frontline, Salty Merc or Grizzled Hunter in the backline.
  • If your having issues with enemy health bars continually getting topped off by those pesky support Heroes in the backline, bring Highwayman along to show them No Mercy!
    • Two things to note about this skill are that it’s a Channel and that it applies Curse for the remainder of combat.
    • Curse will shut down that healing real quick, evening the playing field for you if you opt to leave the supports on the bench.
    • Keep in mind that you are able to use Channel skills earlier than normal, so long as you aren’t in a mode where Auto is locked.
    • This means that you can manually use No Mercy early in combat to prevent a lot of Blue Skill healing from your enemies.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to keep Natural 20 leveled up as well. It may not seem like a a big deal but those crits really help to amp up his damage output.

Have you been investing in Highwayman? If so do you have any thoughts on who to pair him with, or what situations he’s especially good in? Also, is there anything you think we could improve for Highwayman? Start experimenting and let us know what works for you!


I have yet to get the pistol man but I Caint wait till I do Highwayman anticipation yeah buddy


ii like him but he dies easily


Bowman would be good to work with


Insanely strong this Guy.Ich I get my backline destroyed everytime


The hero who entered the meta and increased the time my daily crusade took by 400%. Thanks.

Pleaaaase let Curse at least finish before bandages are applied. It’s not fun to have to work around him all the time. He’s a really strong hero regardless, and this will affect nothing outside of dungeon/crusade/campaign.


I think it’s great it brings back a little of the o,d west feel. Watching him sling his guns


This a great hero. And the boots on fury partner is insane. I like it very much


Great support hero. Incredibly difficult to get hero shards for him with how painfully slow it is to earn royal tournament tokens


It makes zero sense that it stops excess bandages from working. Curse is a battle effect and should end when the battle ends. Excess bandages, meanwhile, clearly states that it happens at the “end of the wave.”

Also, whose idea was it to give a multi target curse that never ends to anyone? Hex’s single target curse lasts 20 seconds, the multi-target curse of Bowman and Skull lasts only 2 seconds.


@Eirhorn great information and great post.

Highway is perfect just the way he is. Anticipating a new hero with the skill of fury friend, but until then I’ll keep using him to boost my fury heroes and curse the healers.

Santa Hero with fury friend skill? Oh that would be… “cool”

Again great post.


He’s a tank and awesome


Nice cant wait to get him and start to prepare him for wars battles jaja :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hes a cool hero should have a little more power or armor tho


I love him! I received him fairly early on, with my first purchase of a gold chest. Now I can’t wait till Royal Tournament pays up, and I have me 500 coin! He’s 3 star now, and can’t wait till he’s 4 star^^. At lvl 61, and Purple+1, his attack attribute is over 1000, I always run him in backline, with M.Destruction, and S.Fox, or M.Punk. With E.Mohawk, and S.Buster in front. I even use him as my avatar. Once he hit Purple, he really began to shine. Messing around with, Squire and WanderWoman in front, and Hermit in back… all that extra attack, and critical hitting for 3,000+. Good times!

In the “Tips on using” him guide up top… Mentioned pairing him… Fury Friend doesn’t effect all Fury hero’s inn the team, but only one that HighwayMan is adjacent too, will receive any benefit from his skill? Please let me know… I don’t want to be placing him wrongly, and having the skill I build a team souly around, not tAke effect. Thx.


Ever since GW went from 4% regen to 40% SE…he’s not “as active”, but still comes in handy.


Love this guy! Amazing support for furry tanks and healers.


Fury friend affects every fury hero in the team.


I think his eyes looking amazing and clothes style


I have yet to get him, along with most o the other heroes… but the scar and look of this heroe is pretty damn cool if you ask me !