Hero Spotlight: Highwayman


Deberían de darle más poder de ataque a este heroe


Fine in PvP but really no fun at all in PvE, especially crusade and dungeon. You can’t even wait out the curse or use excess bandages.


Well… he’s not really good for anything except the fury friend buff. He almost never crits which makes the one skill useless. With him being such a crack shot gunslinger, his crit chance should be at least 50%.


Looks good
Just have to wait and see.


Oh good! Lol. I was building team around, all Fury types being effected. Thx for the clarification.


Highway is definitely in my A team. If not for sure my B team and is a great hero. He does die rather quickly is my only beef with him. His toon itself, is creative and suits the character just fine.


No he does not




No he id already powerful


Because it is the beast


I wasnt crazy about him until I got him leveled up past 70. Now I use him constantly. His turnaround time is quick and now that I have him full at 1 orange level 96 I hardly ever battle without him.