Hero Spotlight: Mass Destruction


Hard to love, harder to kill, Mass Destruction focuses his hot temper on controlling his enemies with stun, slow, and knock back.

Tips for using Mass Destruction:

  • Mass Destruction is all about sitting back, controlling the enemy team, and letting his allies do the heavy lifting.
  • Remember that his only forms of damage come from basic attacks or dying, so don’t rely on him as a source of damage.
  • So what makes him worth having in your lineup you say… stunning the entire enemy team for four seconds of course!
    • Mass Destruction’s White Skill can be one of the more devastating effects in the game when it goes off.
    • Due to his long charge time, pair him with other support backliners that provide heals and energy generation.
      • Heroes like Forest Hermit and Ember Wisp are great for trimming down his charge time while keeping your other Heroes alive.
    • With a solid backline of supports this means you can afford to take more damage up front.
      • Four seconds is long time to be stunned for when you have a Howling Claw using your face as a whetstone.
  • Mass Destruction can also be a solid answer to Heroes that make early visits to your backline.
    • Try placing him in your lineup as a trap, so that divers like Whirling Dagger and Totem Prince run straight into him.
    • His Blue Skill should do a decent job of slowing down their damage output, giving the rest of your team time to get some hits in.
    • If he does end up dying, don’t sweat it! He gets to deal a bunch of damage to the enemy team and comes back to life.

Have you been investing in Mass Destruction? If so do you have any thoughts on who to pair him with, or what situations he’s especially good in? Also, is there anything you think we could improve for Mass Destruction? Start experimenting and let us know what works for you!


Mass Destruction is a really solid hero. He’s good in certain combos, or with certain mage towers, and a counter to certain heroes. The only thing I would change with this hero is to not let explosion damage affect tournament score. I hate getting an almost perfect round and dropping 80 points because MD died…


If he had an aspect buff or inspiration skill he would be used more.


Un gran heroe.si.se combina bien, no siempre los teoricamente mejores lo son, hay que buscar el equilibrio del equipo.


Yeah, I like him and I use him a lot. Good all rounder to have.


Like him a lot. Glad I upkept him from the get go.


I also like him and he works for me


I use him in crusade first in line up


He resurrects with a small amount of health and only does a small amount of damage making the skills not necessarily useless I just feel that they could use an improvement.


I haven’t used him he always seems to be on the losing side.


He reminds me of the magma rock monster from Elena of avalor. Perhaps instead of exploding upon death he could construct a rainbow of heat crystals that explode dealing equal damage to all aspects and that would be his power attack


Mass Destruction is AWESOME! I love using him against characters that use magic and healing. Mass Destruction’s stun attack is VERY useful​:blush::ok_hand:t4:


Would like to see him protect the back line. When it’s under attack.


He always seems the easiest to equip, shard, and level up, along with his massive power. I find it hard not to include him even when other hero’s make sense.


I mostly use him in crusade. When He is full charged in combination with claw, brawler, hermit and Pony. He Stuns enemies for 4 seconds while claw and brawler killing them. Very efficient :laughing:


I like pairing him up with Oasis Guardian. Guardian whirlpools them to the center. And then Mass Destruction hits them with a stun. Then the rest of the group beats them do a pulp. And I add Mystic Punk as a battery to charge them both. That way they can hit again sooner.


Ahhh, Mass Destruction, the bane of every deep dungeon diver.


ONE of my favorite hero I use him in my FIRST line of defense


He is one of my best Allis I use him the most and he’s always the last one standing.


Is.not one of my favorite but it can work great in combination with punk and fox. Is too slow for my taste.