Hero Spotlight: Satyr Fox


Oh for goodness sake, who let this fox in? Satyr Fox uses his flute to put his enemies to sleep so he can attack them through their dreams, HOW RUDE!

Tips for using Satyr Fox:

  • Satyr Fox is one of the more unique Heroes in Portal Quest since he is currently the only one that utilizes the Sleep debuff.
    • For those unfamiliar with this buff, Sleep causes a unit to stop moving and attacking for a period of time.
    • Note that the enemy wakes from their slumber early if they take damage.
    • Understanding these mechanics are crucial to being able to use Satyr Fox to his fullest potential
  • The next thing to take note of is that his Blue skill can only be used on enemies affected by Sleep.
    • This means that you need to make sure you use him in a team composition that can last long enough for him to charge up and use his White Skill.
    • If you get Satyr Fox to this point he rewards you by removing an enemy from combat for a long period of time.
    • Pairing him with solid Frontline tanks like Shield Maiden or The Grizz works great.
    • He also works well with other support heroes like Mystic Punk and Forest Hermit.
  • Lastly, when you take Satyr Fox into combat try to avoid using Heroes with Area of Effect skills.
    • If you bring along Heroes like Hex Witch or Grizzled Hunter you might end up removing Fox’s Sleep from the entire team before he has the chance to use his Blue skill.
    • If you want to pair him with other damage dealers, opt for those that specialize in Single Target damage like Salty Merc or Night Stalker.
    • An ideal fight for Satyr Fox consists of him surviving long enough to use his White skill, putting the whole enemy team to Sleep, then picking them off one-by-one before they can wake up.

Have you been investing in Satyr Fox? If so do you have any thoughts on who to pair him with, or what situations he’s especially good in? Also, is there anything you think we could improve for Satyr Fox? Start experimenting and let us know what works for you!


He is AMAZING to counter energy generation reduction tower in guild wars due to his purple skill.


He is a very good hero to have. He is especially good when he is last alive in your team due to his “never forget” skill, and his flute is unstoppable when fighting lower level enemies. Its good to pair him with princess portal and forest hermit because of hermits finesse boosters and because PP is badass!


Also amazing in combination with starting energy. He’s definitely a must-have for guild wars and blockbuster crusade.


Now I no how to use it I’ll try.


He is good to have a a side hero :blush:


I’ve used him in the dungeon and crusade effectively.


Cool Hero. His auto attack seems kind of random tho. It would be cool to see some minor adjustments to that in order to help make the most of his sleep ability. At times it seems he puts a party to sleep only to quickly wake them again. Too much adjustment to that could make him too OP tho. XD


Hello I am Renzo at S2. I have SatyrFox at 3* . What other tanks and back line is he good to team up with? Since at s2 we don’t have the grizz yet. Thanks.


Have enjoyed him on many dragged out battles through out the Relm, even when he dies just before the last opponent.


#1 hero to use in crusade. Put him in different lineups when crusade is easiest to get your lesser heroes full energy bars, so that when they come into battle, they’ll all have full energy. Energetic ora is a great skill for War attacks, crusade, and campaign. Pair him with Stone Guard. His sleep kicks in right after her skill block. Mystic punk with them is almost unstoppable.

In my opinion, he’s the 3rd best back liner on the game behind princess and hex. He’s versatile, and there’s a reason he’s only been in the hard to get shards locations like tournament shop. I prioritize him anywhere they change him until I get him to 5 Star.


He is a nice hero for the Crusade!


Hey Renzo! For server 2 try out Shield Maiden, Totem Prince, or Stone Guard. They should work pretty well :slight_smile:


He’s pretty great i was very impressed with how effective he is for some line ups he is the x factor


Es un pedazo héroe de los mejores


He needs longer claws and burn marks because he passes through the dreamworld.


Is a solid support hero. I can be deadly if is well.combine.Great overall hero


He is amazing I use him all the time


I use satyr fox a lot with Nightstalker. They seem to work well together. Also I’ve tried to team him up with sparkle pony. But can’t tell ‘yet’ how that’s working out. It’s a test in progress