Hero Spotlight: Scion of Chaos


Look nice and evil i wana him in my team


Cuando lo tenga, lo probare y podre ser objetivo. De momento estoy de acuerdo con otros , OJOS ROJOS, ya.


I find that a decent change to indicate his epic skill when released. Go Gouda!


Too strong, overcentralizes the meta. Every good team uses scion or specifically counters scion.


at least something has been done right this update :grin:. and that thing is not the cap raise


Je look like master splinter😍


I love scion have to agree with someone’s statement with the red eyes even though the green eyes are awesome looking also. Red just looks more evil. Other then that I use him in my A line up and I wouldn’t change anything.


I haven’t gone against Scion yet, or added him to my roster. Bur he certainly emphasized text evil enough to make you think twice about going against him.


Just love him. Leveling him to 5 star already


Want him can’t wait tell I get him thanks


I love my scion, I use it for the dungeon game :wink: and you do have to make sure you lvl up his skills to :sunglasses:


Pair with brawl or sparkling point to get the best use of him


Poison, so funny. The skins is beautiful


I haven’t really used him yet but I will now that is read this!


Hi, any clues how to get him, tried the boss dungeon, but it wont let me in, i got 78 boss keys.


Claim the Toxic Waster Trophy first, which is gained by killing him 5 times in Endless Dungeon.