Hero Spotlight: Shield Maiden

This valkyrian lady may be a woman of few words, but she’s quick to defend and even sacrifice herself for her allies!

Tips for using Shield Maiden:

  • When you’re looking for a rock to hold the line in combat, Shield Maiden is your gal!
  • Shield Maiden is currently the only Tank in the game with the Armor Proficiency skill, don’t take this for granted! This should make her your go-to Hero against enemy teams that deal consistent damage.
    • Due to the flat damage reduction cap, you get a lot more value out of this skill against Heroes that lack burst damage.
    • Look to use her against teams that have a lot of Bleed or have Heroes where their skills and attacks hit multiple times.
  • Another cornerstone of Shield Maiden’s kit is her Blue Skill, Self Sacrifice
    • This is great for shutting down high damage skills that typically target your Backline (not everyone can carry around a giant shield)
      • Skills like Nightstalker’s The Finisher or Salty Merc’s Refocus Fire
    • It also helps your Backline survive against teams that have Divers like Whirling Dagger or Totem Prince.
    • To get the most out of this skill make sure to bring along a Support that provides some Healing or Shielding.
      • This will compensate for the extra damage that Shield Maiden will be taking throughout combat and will give her the resources to use the skill more than once.
  • Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about her White Skill Uncover Weakness!
    • The added damage and heal to allied basic attacks is great but something a lot of people overlook is the fact that this skill maxes out the Target’s Threat for 4 seconds.
    • This gives Shield Maiden unprecedented synergy with Heroes that target Max Threat enemies
      • Her strongest synergy lies with Salty Merc.
      • Not only does Salty Merc’s White Skill target highest Threat but it also does more damage based on the amount of Threat the target has.
      • Salty Merc’s Blue skill does a ton of damage, but relies on a new enemy gaining the highest Threat on their team.
      • Shield Maiden is one of the few Heroes that can force a Threat change to happen, allowing Salty Merc to deal a lot more damage than normal.
      • Other Heroes that work well include Nightstalker, Void Caster, and Princess Portal.

Have you been investing in Shield Maiden? If so do you have any thoughts on who to pair her with, or what situations she’s especially good in? Also, is there anything you think we could improve for Shield Maiden? Start experimenting and let us know what works for you!


Love her :heartpulse::heartpulse: she’s a great front row hero, her uncover weakness rocks <3 my only complaint is silly, but I wish she had brown eyes since seriously none of the female heroes do.


great! that 's a good news to everyone

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She the best I wish she was all3severs of favourites


Haha Kitty Silly you :joy::joy::joy:


An awesome hero, excellent when paired with Ginger for absorbing brute attacks and surviving! Beautiful animations on this hero too, some of the most realistic moves. Very good movement and graphic design. Decent skills too. Just trying out the pairing with Salty and that is also looking highly decent. Overall a massive 10/10


Yes yes yes :pray:t5: Looks great :+1:t5:

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She is my favorite i have her as my icon she strong and brave and not afraid of anyone. She protects her family bo matter what the cost


Absolutely love my Shield Maiden but she is stuck on my second line instead of my first because her shards never seem to drop so she’s only 3*!

Would LOVE to see her in either the fortress or the crusade shop soon! That would be a dream come true. She is an amazing tank especially paired up with Scarred Brawler or Ginger Beard. Plus she is adorable.


Love her too, portal quest should give her to us free for saying nice things about her :speak_no_evil:

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Se nota que es una gran heroina, todavía no la he mejorado mucho y se nota su poder.

But she is a nordic shield maid right?

One of the best fighters here!!! On got 2 stars on her, but she kicks ass!!!

She looks cool, I just hope she can really kick ass in battle

She sound’s great and i am liking her skill’s.

I can’t wait to get her she seems so awesome

She is amazing… make her playable!!!

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With Team Anubis she’ll be sending alot more hollows to the underworld and host Valhalla with the mightiest warriors.

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She have great look, I hope she skill’s great too p.s.need to add pirate character

I really like this hero, but my biggest irritation is when on auto she almost always uses her “Uncover weakness” skill on the enemy with 5% health left so if she gets one hit in before they die it’s a miracle. When this happens that means only the kill shot giving hero got a heal/extra damage (she mine as well have no heal on it at all since it never happens).

I kinda wish either:
she’d get a buff that applies it to whatever she targets,
the better solution have her target the highest health enemy when she uses it.

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