Hero Spotlight: Willow Druid


As the living embodiment of nature, Willow Druid yearns to restore order to the natural world. Her powerful wind magic can smash through any and all enemy shields.

Tips for using Willow Druid:

  • If you’re having a tough time beating teams with lots of shields, Willow Druid is about to be your new best friend.
    • Her Blue Skill is what sets her apart from the rest of the Heroes in the game.
    • Shattering Blast completely destroys all enemy shields and has a very low cooldown.
    • Druid is a great counter to Heroes like Forest Hermit, Birdbarian, and War Blade.
  • Since she has the Energy Sap skill, Druid can be crucial in delaying early White Skills from opposing Frontliners.
    • Look to line her up across from the Heroes you want to delay to ensure that she auto attacks them, stealing their energy.
  • Since Energy Sap also works with skills, try to pair her up with other energy generating Heroes like Forest Hermit and Mystic Punk.
    • Later on in fights she can completely shut down an enemy team from using their White Skills by continually casting Galestrike which automatically hits the entire enemy team.

Have you been investing in Willow Druid? If so do you have any thoughts on who to pair her with, or what situations she’s especially good in? Also, is there anything you think we could improve for Willow Druid? Let us know!


I like her, shes just like me. I love nature. I love her:3


I use her anytime i go against a shield character like loyal squire, warblade, forest hermit, and stone guard. She makes it easier to demolish them


She’s in all my major line ups. Her healing and strength is a good match with hex witch. And any situation where hero’s need healing and she’s a heavy hitter


Willow rocks! Gotta max out galestrike first.


Una gran héroe sin duda alguna, contra escuderos de los mejores heroes que hay


Her healing is awesome


Great love the new look awesome fighter.


Me i always use her shes a rideadie for the other heroes so shes gd love everythin she does


When I first started playing, and W.Druid being one of the starting out hero’s… I wasn’t too find of her. She was replaced as soon as I unlocked my first back line hero, other then the initial 5 starting hero’s. As soon as I unlocked Royal Tournament, and needed 3 full teams, to be competitive, I ended up leveling her, Md promoting her to purple. Once she received Energy Sap, and being that her Attack Rate/Speed is fastest out of all other heros,(At least ones avAilable on server 3), I thought… she’s gonna stop Hex Which, from using her deviating skills. Also, Gale Strike hitting every enemy… Nearly becoming fully energized again, from Energy Sap. Shattering Blast is a beautiful thing too!! Not sure if it effects, shields, as I’m the huge tower shield wielding enemies you encounter in the endless dungeons. The ones that poke you with a pike… The ones that you love when the randomized Possession targets, using Spell Binder, so it turns it’s back to your hero’s. Once W.Druid received Energy Sap, and with Excess Baggage, and other utilities… she is now a personal favorite. Howling Claw, and W.Druid together, both their excess baggage… oh boy. Always ending waves, with a very comfortable health amount. A++ Hero. Highly recommend. For my play style. ^^


Willow is perfect with mystic punk


I think she’s an awesome player we need more peacemakers


Do you have a bunch of pictures od her on your bedroom ball


She’s ok… just wish she was stronger.


Fantastic hero, love her, however if you make her to be more powerful fast that will be great.


Awesome plI love this player she’s really goodater


I like her. Can I get free stuff


Ótima quando vc usa ela na metade da batalha e surpreende o inimigo derrotando 3 de uma vez


I like turtles. And willow druid.


Mystic punk + willow druid is a crazy strong backline duo if used correctly. Don’t sleep on her!