Hero Spotlight: Willow Druid


Yea i like her also i use her constantly in my runs on everything. She is a great addition in my opinion.


I hate her I don’t like it


Being a devout neopagan myself, I appreciate her and try to keep her up to date.


Yay, I’m totally stoked. Yippee freak’n Skippy.


At first, didn’t think was very good but did like seeing the swirling leaves. Have leveled her up (50+)and is awesome paired with hex witch.


Also good with whirling dagger. Havent tried with salty merc yet.


Like hera lot wish I could level up faster


She’s awesome! I unknowingly got her to 3 stars before I learned about Hex Witch being necessary. And then I ended up 5 starring her before Hex regardless. I love her!


One word unstoppable


I use her as one of my Mercenary’s… I’m still learning about her but she seem to be great


I love druid because she heal and area attack


I like her because of her unique skillset. Energy sap on her is awesome due to her high attack speed. Actually, I’m pretty sure she has the highest attack speed among all available heroes on s5. I just wish they took out the penetrating damage type from her white and increased the damage a bit because having penetrating damage on her makes no sense due to shattering blast being on a low cooldown and her white does very little damage so a slight numbers boost would be awesome.


I hate to say it cuz I do like her but put her in the ground. Back to nature she goes, a legend!


Her healing is awesome and i always use her shes a rideadie for the other heroes


YupYup Yup Yup yup and


Best againt hermit and war blade


Yes! Can I put her in the front line too? Fear the willow


Yes. Have put her on front line