Hero XP from dungeon...... Who wants that?


After discussion with a few players it seems most would like to see hero XP as an additional resource in dungeon.
Wouldn’t be asking for a heavy amount…I would say something that correlated to campaign increments would be sufficient


Yes!!! dungeon is much more work than campaign. I think it should give TEAM XP. Should help us expand our player level, considering the amount of time and work involved.


I disagree. If you do everything you can in a day, dungeon would probably take almost or over half of the time you spend on PQ (excluding chat etc.). Not everyone plays the dungeon because for some it’s too much effort or they just don’t have enough spare time, and those people are already missing out on guild influence and purple scraps that are useful for this contest. I’m not saying hard work shouldn’t be rewarded, but I just don’t think spending 2 hours on dungeon a day should make the difference between the fast and slow level-uppers.

A better idea, in my opinion, would be to decrease the time a player can spend in the dungeon, like I suggested in this thread, so the players with less free time on their hands can also use all their torches on a daily basis. In that scenario, addition rewards like hero and team XP could also be added.



Either I got my wires crossed or this was never implemented

With o+1 I’m now one of the lowest players in guild, only just have 9 orange heros … Rest are below level and rank p4
I haven’t hit dungeon on s1 as I have on s2 where I have all but 3 heros orange but that’s gear. Plus I spent like a lion on s2

Hero XP(the bottled kind) for my heros was what this post originally asked for to boost my stragglers on s1.

Now more then ever I need that XP to catch up to orange never mind o+1

There are many players with same thoughts as I.

Would be greatly appreciated if you could implement this feature into one of the dungeon modes
(Endless you might say would make it too easy)
(Boss is pricey as it is to enter)
Maybe epic dungeon should sustain the heros with XP instead. And at least that way you lot aren’t seen to be handing out free XP we will still have to work for it but the option to do so would be based on our own work rate.

After all epic is a training camp for heros may as well have the full package


And in reply to yours…
Dungeon is now the most prevalent feature in app. Those who don’t dungeon may as well give up. They’ll never catch up


With xp in dungeon it becomes even more important. My opinion hasn’t changed, dungeon is too time consuming, and if you don’t have the time for that it should not be impossible to be competitive.

I want the opposite: more restrictons on the dungeons (such as, one dungeon available for entering a day).

I think Perblue confirmed in Discord that xp was added. It just adds automatically, like the trophies and apparently without notification.


Respecting the RPG element of dungeoneering, there should be exp earned for heroes fighting and gold and hero exp drops, even if it is 10/battle


Exactly that Mr cottontail

Bottled XP is best so I can use it on my stragglers…

I take a maxxed team I to dungeon so any XP earned would be lost

Bottled XP is the way forward


Two things:

1. It could also be that it’s bottled XP that’s automatically added.
2. Aren’t you the same person? (If not, my apologies.)
3. You just ignored everything I said.
4. Oops, that were three things.


I’m multiple people :joy::joy::joy:

It’s not deposited in bottle form… believe me I’ve got no XP on server 1 literally zero and after 50 floors 1100 enemies killed still have zero XP.

I take a maxxed team so they don’t see any benefit if its earned on the heros I use.

Need it bottled so can distribute it accordingly :wink:


There was a bug. Its fixed in 1.10


nope. It was broken. Fix is in 1.10. XP bottles incoming


YES!!! I’ve been hoping for that too. :+1::+1::+1:


Wait what?
Xp in dungeon…?

Excuse me.


We already get dungeon XP in the dungeon, isn’t that the point?

I’d like to find torches in the dungeon though.


Dungeon XP yes… Not hero XP to level them up


Oh… Wait… it’s in the next patch?
In that case, resume the original stance…

F dungeon :slight_smile:


Lolol! I hear ya girl.


You hurt my tiny black heart Mici.


@OhRlyeh it’s my own silly fault for trying to play your addictive game over four servers!

I refuse to acknowledge the existence of server five, and I think it’s time to accept I can’t be in the top five guilds everywhere.

Now… how on earth do I do this next bit…?