Hero Xp Needed to Next level

Hi, guys! I’d like a little help, if you would?

Now that I’m in the high 70s, I’ve ‘decided’ that I should be a little more cautious on how I spend my hero xp. I have learned that you need a little more than 140k to level a hero from 70 to 75. I’m trying to figure out how much I need to collect to level a hero that’s already 75 to 80. I took a wild guess that it’s about 234k, but I’m not 100% sure.

I know there’s a formula involved, does anyone know it? I could really use it.



To 76: 34K needed.
To 77: 36K needed.
To 78: 38K needed.
To 79: 40K needed.
To 80: 42K needed.

Total: 190K experience for the last 5 levels.

I think the algorithm is that sometimes the increase in XP needed changes.

Damn, that’s a lot of XP, I didn’t know the XP rating would increase that much overtime of levelling up!

Wow helios, how do you know all that accurately? :joy:

He didn’t say he knew that, he was going by an theoretical algorithm.

I only assumed things about the algorithm in the last sentence.
The first results I got by levelling an extra hero to level 80.

Thanks for the info, guys! I got the amount needed from 65 to 70 too. :slight_smile:

I’m almost to 80, I’m psyched! Course, by then, I’m sure the new patch will be here, lol.

next patch includes level cap rise, and that comes in the next few days i believe! Don’t be discouraged, you will have time to get to 85 before the next cap. Perblue doesn’t play too dirty :wink:

Awww, dang, so soon? I was really hoping to get that lvl before the cap was raised…! I’m halfway to lvl 79!

Oh well, next time :slight_smile: I was expecting a 10 lvl jump, so if it’s 85, I’m not too disappointed! :slight_smile:

They’re actually raising the cap to 90 not 85. I’m about 2 days away from lvl 80 so I guess I won’t be able to stay max level for very long.

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That’s what I thought too… :frowning: