Heroes: Known Issues


This is a list of current known issues with Heroes in combat. Some of these we are developing and testing fixes, and others will require more time to investigate the cause of the problem.

Known Hero Issues

Issue: Mystic Punk will sometimes delay activating his White Skill.
Description: Sometimes Mystic Punk waits to use his White skill even when at full energy. Some players have reported that this happens more often when he is placed in the Right position of the Backline.
Status: Fixed

Issue: Enemy Twin Trackers are untargetable for a period of time
Description: This happens in modes that don’t pause combat when enemy White Skills are used.
Status: Fixed

Issue: Twin Trackers have inconsistent health bars in dungeon
Description: There are times when the health bars for the Twin Trackers don’t match what’s being displayed in the UI. We’ve noticed this happening on other heroes in the Dungeon as well and are looking into it. There appears to be a couple issues at play here, some specific to the Twin Trackers and others more general to the Dungeon and the Vitality Shrine Buff.
Status: Fixed

Issue: Timeouts due to Cog Master’s Epic Skill
Description: There are times when Cog Master’s Epic skill can cause combat to freeze indefinitely while heroes use their active. Sometimes turning off auto will allow combat to resolve correctly.
Status: Fixed

Issue: Epic Skills not working
Description: We’ve heard reports from players that some Epic Skills may not be working, so far we’ve confirmed Shield Maiden and Void Caster as having issues.
Status: Fixed

We will update this list as we get more reports of live issues. If you are aware of any other hero issues, please contact support.

Update 2.14.1 Patch Notes