Heros colors and leveling up


So I have a question. Most of my heros are orange and many have 5 stars. So here’s the issue. I have a few who are still purple+4 with 5 stars. They have enough shards to forge, but Idk how to make them orange. They are all at level 95. So I’m not sure how to do it. Thanks!


I believe you’re on s8.
But you just farm for the gear they need and craft it to them
Then promote them like you did with your other heroes?


Stars and rarities (colors) are separate systems. You get more stars with shards; you increase your rarity by getting the 6 equips indicated and hitting “promote”


You promoted your other heroes and suddenly forgot how to do it?


Geez turtle no need to be snide with me. I didn’t understand how the orange rank worked.


Hi, ive got a few orange now but how do u forge?? Ive max shards way over and relevant scraps … stuck! Cant see a way to forge?


To forge, you go into epic dungeon and find the square with the orange anvil icon.


there is a forge (anvil) on every floor in epic dungeon, find it
then you’ll have X amount of charges (depends on your guild perk) you can use, you need 20 shards and 40 epic gear to make a hero epic, then 5 shards and X amount epic gear to level it


Not being mean, just the way you wrote it, was mistaken by people


Your reply was warranted…
I looked at the post like are you for real, just add gear like you did the last 4 ranks :joy::joy::joy:


OK in forge you need 40 shards and 20 epic shards then to make your Crystal you need 50 shards and 5 epic shards hope this helps you.