Heros colors and leveling up


So I have a question. Most of my heros are orange and many have 5 stars. So here’s the issue. I have a few who are still purple+4 with 5 stars. They have enough shards to forge, but Idk how to make them orange. They are all at level 95. So I’m not sure how to do it. Thanks!


I believe you’re on s8.
But you just farm for the gear they need and craft it to them
Then promote them like you did with your other heroes?


Stars and rarities (colors) are separate systems. You get more stars with shards; you increase your rarity by getting the 6 equips indicated and hitting “promote”


You promoted your other heroes and suddenly forgot how to do it?


Geez turtle no need to be snide with me. I didn’t understand how the orange rank worked.


Hi, ive got a few orange now but how do u forge?? Ive max shards way over and relevant scraps … stuck! Cant see a way to forge?


To forge, you go into epic dungeon and find the square with the orange anvil icon.


there is a forge (anvil) on every floor in epic dungeon, find it
then you’ll have X amount of charges (depends on your guild perk) you can use, you need 20 shards and 40 epic gear to make a hero epic, then 5 shards and X amount epic gear to level it


Not being mean, just the way you wrote it, was mistaken by people


Your reply was warranted…
I looked at the post like are you for real, just add gear like you did the last 4 ranks :joy::joy::joy:


OK in forge you need 40 shards and 20 epic shards then to make your Crystal you need 50 shards and 5 epic shards hope this helps you.


am new to the epic dungeon & dont get how to use the forge. have a hero orange with everything needed to forge. crystals that say ready to fill. when find the forge in epic dungeon it does nothing. am i suppose to do something to “activate” it?


You need to collect epic scraps and have enough hero shards for epic level
Ensure you have those first
Each hero requires 40 epic scraps and a handful of hero shards (I forget the amount of those) to initiate epic unlock in the forge.
Each hero when made epic starts at level 60 and will continue all the way up to whatever the server cap is for team level.
You’ll need an ever increasing amount of epic gear around every 10 upgrades.
Initial cost for lvl 60 epic is 1 epic bits
For lvl 140 its 19 epic bits
Hero shard costs per lvl up are 5 shards.
Eventually that cost increases to 10 shards around epic lvl 130 or there abouts

Epic crystals can only be unlocked once epic lvl 60 has been achieved by upgrading heros in the forge
Using vials (red/blue potions) fill the crystal slot
These require 50 hero shards and 5 epic parts to fill
First crystal is 10,000 vials
2nd is 20,000 vials
3rd is 40,000 vials

Hope that helps


And, some heroes are not eic capable yet. Like fox. Make sure you have heroes in your team that are epic capable. Just because they are orange, does not automatically mean epic capable yet. Look to make sure your heroes have a empty gear icon at top which should appear once orange rank is achieved for that hero.


And when you go to become epic need 20 hero shards and 40 epic gear shards then when after that and you want to add Crystal’s it’s 50 hero and 5 epic gear shards per Crystal plus 10,00 vials and lv up your epic cost 5 hero at first and 1 epic when you get higher it goes up max is 15 hero shards and 15 epic lv 115 is max on server 7 so far


Hi. I’m late in commenting on this but I’m S8. And the update in Dec enabled us to add the second crystal and that’s cool. However, I guess i didn’t think about how much of each potion to add. So I tried a few different things. But…it seems that the Hunter isn’t as effective anymore as his epic skill drains so much of his energy! I read some very long rambling posts about the chemistry of crystals. To wrap up, I think that one crystal for each skill