Hero's in Dungeon

If all my Hero’s die in Dungeon does that mean I have to start over and loose my floors or is it another way to keep your floors???

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Endless and boss dungeon will prompt you to pick from your remaining heroes that are still alive. Epic dungeon you can spend diamonds to revive your team, otherwise you will need to start over spending more keys.


Do the diamond revives re set every day? Or do you just have to start over once you’ve used them all?

You have to start over. Dungeon is essentially 1 continuas run until you reset it, reguardless of how many days it takes you to complete.

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Thank You for the feed back I’m learning as I go along and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t :joy: But it’s fun learning but I get to experience things on here that makes you continue playing cause I never let anything beat me down it just makes me use my mind more and gives me a good challenge :smiley: have a Great Day :heart:

Oh and sorry it took me so long to answer and THANK YOU for talking the time to answer me :two_hearts: