Hi all. I'm new here and most of my hero's are level 105and orange with 5 stars and enough shards and I cannot create epic hero. Pls help me



You need to find forge


Find a Forge in Epic Dungeon


Thank you very much. I hope I don’t get killed directly in Epic Dungeon, lol. Thanks.


How are you getting epic shards without going in the epic dungeon?

There’s a forge on every floor.
So if you get to the one on floor one, then your heroes will have their epic skills , which will help .
A lot.


I have got many shards just playing elite campaign and getting gold chests. I had a lot of shards but did not how to forge epic hero. I went to epic dungeon and I have found the way. Thanks for your help. Happy New Year to you.


First you need to go to epic dungeon then kill bosses there to get epic shards


Wow. Being truly new myself; I have to wonder how easy it is advance levels if you are new and already 105 orange looking for Epic! Are we talking days or months?


Lots of things have been added to speed things up.
The main difference is on server 9 $20 will get you a couple of hundred stamina.
Here it will get you a few thousand…


Where is “here” Pixie, because that’s where I’m headed to now ? :wink:


Server one.
When the deals stack up at the end of the timers


Off course on the first ( #1 ) server I would have to be playing for fun as there will be even less hope of being competitive let alone “catching up”.


Hi, I am really me like 70 days but I spent a lot of money on this game because I did not know how to play . Don’t do my mistake.