Highest rank with no money spent on game

Who is the highest ranked player that you know of that has not spent any money to get there?

Depends on the server, I guess

We need someone who is on all of them, any ideas there ? :thinking::rofl:

Well, not gonna brag

But I have been the highest ranked while f2p on s7, 8 and 10
Ofc not anymore, but I was for quite a long time

But last time I checked the rankings on all servers, I mostly only saw people who spent money
I mostly do not ask random people if they bought something.

So, probably no one knows

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Highest ranked isn’t really a good representation. It just means you are wasting valuable stamina on heros you don’t really need. When it comes to team power, sure heros like brawler and ice berg are nice but they wouldn’t be anywhere near the top heros I would be working on first.

Total player power is even worse since it means you keep using stamina on heros like loyal squire.

Yes you could probably find a use for all heros but free to play needs to concentrate on the top heros and getting as many diamonds from arena as possible. You can also waste hundreds of hours in dungeon if that’s what you like but there’s way better games you could be playing instead of getting zero entertainment from the dungeon.

With that said I’ll just leave this: I’m probably one of the top free players on server one that does the minimum amount of work playing the game but still able to stay relevant. Regularly get 4 to 5 wins in war, Challenger in arena, Platinum 2 in royal tournament and haven’t gone any deeper then 100 floors total in dungeon for the whole year.


So having all heroes maxed is a bad thing?

And what about guild dungeon contest, not gonna support your guild?

What use do you have for heros like loyal squire?

No I will not. I’m not in an elite guild, we aren’t going for 1st. Side note, I was one of the sole reasons we got all the rewards on that fortress/arena contest so I help where I can.

I could use him for fortress
There are some lines which use loyal in it

Sorry turtle

While it pains me to do it…
Gotta side with purp on this one

The smart free to play person isn’t aiming for rankings or power or anything like that.

They are levelling 5 heroes to max.
Then another 5.
Then another 2 for war attack tweaks.

If they have stamina left over , they could push for another three to make a tournament set.
Or even the last five for the war defences.

But at the end of the day, to get even that far requires light spending / fyber offers.

Speaking of which, do fyber offers rule you out of the initial question?


No fun, answering a question is illegal apparently.

No one is highest ranked
Poor people

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