Hiring Guild Mercenaries


Currently, you are only allowed to hire other mercenaries that are your team level or lower. I don’t really get this. It defeats the whole point of hiring a mercenary.

If one were to go out in real life (hypothetical obviously) and hire a mercenary, you wouldn’t want one that’s roughly the same strength as you. You would want to hire the best one you could find.

Same situation applies to Portal Heroes. While I understand not allowing a level 50 player to recruit a level 70 player’s hero, I don’t understand not allowing a level 50 player to recruit a level 51 player’s hero.

The current system screws over the lowest level players in the guild and the highest level players. Low level players can’t recruit anyone, and high level players will never have their heroes recruited (because as the highest in the guild, no one can recruit them with the current system).

So I personally think there should be a buffer of something like 5 levels. A level 50 player should be able to recruit a level 55 player’s hero. I think this would improve the incentive to recruit a mercenary from a teammate and allow higher level player’s heroes to be recruited.

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Wow, I wondered why no one was picking up my heroes. (I’m the leader of a guild with no one else within 10 levels of me.)


Yup, this is the reason. I really wish they would alter the system to something like I described… it would just benefit everyone involved.


I agree with you here, but it would allow for people who are in a strong guild to hire powerful heros to say, complete greater parts of the crusades which in turn would mean more hero shards and more stars for anyone in an active guild. So I guess this would add incentive for players to join guilds in the first place which isn’t bad. So we will see what the developers think! :smiley:


What do you think about the idea @Ironangel @Andrew ?


I think that anyone in the guild should be able to hire any mercs regardless of level.
I don’t want to jump to another guild just to get my mercs hired kinda defeats the purpose of building a guild doesn’t it?


They have that stupid sharing is caring daily quest but I get cheated every day. That’s the kind of stuff that gets me fed up with these games. I’m only level 10 vip so who cares but this is no incentive to make me want to go to level 11 or even keep playing the game for that matter.


I know this post was over a year ago, but the idea is a good one. My eyes seem to have missed this