Honor Class refunds?


As a result of that change, all Gold/Hero XP spent on these actions will be fully refunded to players. Note that this does not include Gold spent on leveling Honor Skills.

@Polaris I did not see any gold or xp refunded to me. When can we expect to see this refund?


It will be sent out through the game mailbox. Please be patient :slight_smile:


You… have met your player base, yes?
You have seen some of the “interesting” tickets they fill in…

Patience is… not one of their virtues… :wink:


It doesn’t hurt to ask :smiley:
Refunds have been delivered!


@Polaris … you remove cost from this only to have to use skill pts and cost to get 10 lvls every time you swap from one honor to another even if you have leveled it up to 10 before.