Honor Class Strategies

Can someone help explain which honor classes are most appropriate for any particular hero? Because I’ve just been picking them at random to be honest.

Todo depende del heroe y estrategias…algunos necesitan ser guardian de hechizos…otros ayudan en espiritumante…otros funcionan miy bien en hechiceros porque aumentan rapido el potencial de habilidades y otros señor de la guerra porque duran mas en el combate… Todo depende para que lo quieres…Para que funcionen bien en guerra o tener los personajes mas fuertes…

Some heroes are a 50 / 50 toss up.
Aaaannnndddd sometimes it depends what line they are in.
Most people use their main tanks as guardians, to take the heat off their front line damage hero.
Most people have a spellward in their main attacks and defences, because of the silence.
Spiritmancer main skill involves your heroes dying, so not that great as a war defence.

As for damage heroes, I usually look at whether their blue skill has a passive and active trigger, or if their cooldown is short. If so, I make them a warlock.
If their cooldown is longer, I feel the boost from warlord will be more effective.

However , some heroes just have a synergy that is so apparent that you scratch your head when you see the opposite.

Whenever I see a spiritmancer mystic punk, I wonder if people read.

Punk energy sap steals 7 energy from opponents heroes when he hits them with attacks or skills.
Spellward skill triggers when an opponent uses a white skill, HITTING THE OTHER FOUR HEROES WITH A SILENCE AND DAMAGE.

Instant 28 energy for mystic punk.
Mystic punk is a spellward. Done.
Only 70+ heroes to go :wink:


I was in Honor Class in High School…once…or maybe twice :wink: