Honor skill changes

Could someone please post if there are updated changes the current changes madecto Honor / Essance Debuffs / Nerfs. Im not sure if all servers are the same with honor skills, my server S1, has heros honor skills acting out of character and im thinking the latest update may have been the cause of that, only now in war really noticing it. Thx

Examples of specific heroes and the class you have assigned them would help.

As would the number and level of essences attached.

If you really think something is vastly different, submit a ticket.

I don’t really say much on here but every time I do read any post it seems this pixie mici always has input at stating the obvious just curious but do you have a life


I’m bored and avoiding housework.

Plus I haven’t noticed anything like what op said, so if they narrowed it down, I’d check videos of fights before and after update.

That massive sweeping statement that they made is useless

I’m also curious what bothered you about my helpful advice in this thread


And when you do decide to say something it’s to insult someone?


Well im so terribly sorry my statement/question wasnt in depth enough to get a straight answer, instead i get a bunch of useless remarks. Maybe because im not on here every hour of every day makes me completely oblivious to some certain facts, but i do however have a life that consists of 3 jobs, one in main related to Fire Services so excuse me for taking so much precioys time from you. Next time, if you dont have anything positive to say, best nit say anything at all


Actually asked for extra information to help diagnose the issue.

But yeah, cope with it by yourself.

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I love how your real life has got anything at all to do with this game

I wouldn’t have said you’re first post was useless. It’s just that it would be helpful to know if there are particular heroes you are wondering about. There are so many it’s very possible you play with ones others don’t. Also, it’s helpful to know in what circumstances things seem to have changed. Not useless, but not detailed enough to be able to help you, I think.


No worries, ive figured it out already. Good to know your such a great help, and my work life on here is the same as you avouding housework, yours has nothing to do with the game either, but im sure you have a brilliant respinse for that too, lol

You’re not worth it, hun

I understand what your saying, i have figured it out, no worries. Sorry i bothered everyone with useless questions. I’m aware sending screen shots, videos, blah, blah, etc, etc prob would have been more useful, i wasnt trying to get to in depth as im already aware of how the honors / essances work, but noticed changes in skills orientation. I thought maybe there may have been an easier reply, but again i was wrong. Sorry for the bother.

Wow, very professional, that goes likewise

I wish I did get paid for this lol

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Wow! Get off Pesky Pixie. You asked the damn question. Now we know why you dont get on much.

Since everyone is here anyway:

I’m having an issue with my Royal Tournament; can anyone tell me what’s wrong? If you respond with useless comments like “I need more details” then I will berate you for wasting my time.


I need more details

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You’re unbelievable, you know that? I get on the forums to ask for help and all I get are these useless replies that don’t even attempt to address my main question. If this is how the community responds to a simple game-related question then I’m not sure I want to be part of it.

I’m so sorry I can’t be on 24/7, but I have around 4 or 5 jobs (one in astrology) so excuse me if I take away your delicious thyme.



I am quite unbelievable.
Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:


Now that was likeable, from what ive seen, your dnide comments, lack of respect, and lack of empathy, will certainly leave you completely broke. May want to change your career path :joy:

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