Honor Skills Changes (Buffs and Nerfs) 11/30


Honor Skills Changes (Buffs and Nerfs) 11/30

Hey, everyone!

Following up on the previous, “Honor Skills Changes” post, we’d like to share what we have in store to help make this an enjoyable feature for everyone.

Please remember that this is new territory for us, as well. While some of you have found Red to be exciting, challenging, and a way to revitalize combat, for some it has been a struggle. Our aim is to strike a balance where those that feel they are being overwhelmed can stay competitive and still work their way to the top while retaining the fun and novelty the feature brings to PQ.

Here’s what’s in the hot fix:

  • Adjusted how Honor skills scale which will reduce the initial power gap at early skill levels
  • Guardian reflect damage was nerfed ~50%
  • Spiritmancer’s, “Tank Spirit” health was nerfed ~25%
  • Spiritmancer’s, “Support Spirit” healing was nerfed ~50%
  • Spiritmancer’s, “Damage Spirit” damage was buffed ~50%
  • Spellward’s, “Snare’s Damage” was nerfed ~20%
  • “Spellward’s Snare” no longer removes Energy
  • “Spellward’s Snare’s” cooldown was increased from 8 to 10 seconds

As always, you should expect balance adjustments to continue with this feature moving forward. We will be buffing or nerfing abilities as needed until the balance is where we want it to be.


Can you please reiterate, guardian reflect damage dropped yet again? So from 26k to 13k damage?


So the wording for spellward snare is weird. Is losing energy being taken away all together? Or will it still take it from blessed units since they won’t be getting silenced? Cuz the language is super vague. Is the feature removed completely or only on situations?


Spell Wards will no longer remove energy. They will still silence.


Is it possible to just remove “honor” until it’s balanced?

I’m allergic to learning about things that are changed repeatedly.

It hurts my brain.

K, thanks :slight_smile: