Honor Skills Changes coming soon!


Server 1 players:

We have heard your feedback about Red being overpowered and we will be making another nerf to Honor Skills soon. We are currently reviewing the data and will post here with the details and the time of the update once it’s ready.

We never intended Red to be so powerful that it made everything else irrelevant. We envisioned it to be complimentary to Epic Crystals, but no so strong that those upgrades became useless.

Red should be exciting and a new challenge for team-building and strategy. It should be an attainable goal for all the players. We’ve heard your frustration and we are making changes.

Stay tuned for more details!


Don’t change it!! Red v orange… Yes its overpowered… :laughing::sweat_smile:
Red v red is fine. If you need nerfs you just haven’t practiced enough to ensure the wins


I’m not so sure it’s still too overpowered. There should be a difference between red non-honor skill and red honor skill. If they are nerfed too much, they aren’t worth the current essence value. At least my perception anyway.

People are still getting used to this new function and i think that in and of itself is causing some to overreact. I think we need to slow down and just get used to honor skills before we start making further changes.


I honestly appreciate the caution. I agree with you. Honor skills does shake things up a lot and there is a learning curve to that. Things that seem strong right now have counters that people just haven’t realized yet or had enough time to power up.

That aside we also don’t want player’s previous progression to be invalidated by a single update. Like Polaris mentioned this was never intended to be the case and bringing the power down in early Red will give players a chance to figure things out without so much shock to the system.

The power of Red will increase as each new rarity drops. We may buff things again once Honor Skills have spent some time out in the wild and players get a good feeling for them. We want the game to be as fun as possible for as many players as possible and will continue to adjust balance often until we get Honor skills to that point.


Fine sentiments.

Some actual in the wild beta testing between two maxed guilds in a war setting, would have highlighted the massive issues that aren’t apparent in procedurally generated hits on a spar type setting.

I don’t think there should ever be a mage towers / first wave generator that the general public can use…
But it would have really helped if you had a program that you could put those variables into, rather than running simulations from a cold start.


Send me an engineer that will work for free for a month and I’ll get that right out for you, mam. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would you collect $100 for wild wild essence & then when the deals over nerf it…What are we paying for?

Extremely devious!!!

The perception of the wild wild essence is no longer as valuable. If the goal was to help close the gap why would you sell it for $100, instead of $20 or less.


You speak the truth… I know you lot always produce a counter to every new idea and hero. And I have faith that the system produced is solid.
Some folk just don’t have the resources to waste to test the functionality of it all.
If a nerfing is required make it minimalistic. Don’t go for high percentiles. Just do a 1-5% nerfing… No more would be required.
Double spellward backlines is the only hassle in game but with proper planning prevents poor performance… The 5 P’s of life


You hit the nail on the head. Let’s go a few weeks of testing to ensure what is complaints and what is lack of knowledge.
Red hasn’t hampered me at all. I’m loving how it works.
Breathed life back into arena and tournaments for me and makes war less about meta lines and more about what you know for individual heros.

Kill the meta line dependance and make pq great again!!
Knowledge is power not repeat after me lines


Please dont nerf stuff again, hours and hours of playing around have gone into red heroes. Even after you nerfed it once, had to start yet again on the attacks and defense… its starting to get frustrating. Leave it be, nothing wrong with red as is.
Buff the heroes that are super weak to bring all to the same level, you should not be in the same league if you have 08 heroes.



Instead of the engineer.
Just have a hidden server 0
Where you can have your guilds
(Like you used to have on server 1)

And do play fighting.
See how those meta lines and counters you allege exist, but we haven’t found yet, do in an actual war environment.

Even if you can’t insert heroes fully levelled into it, just gift yourselves the diamonds and stamina and Gold and exp to grind the heroes up.

In fact that should be mandatory.
Instead of just designing the grind, you should have to physically click on the levels and raid over and over, to see first hand how much it takes.

I guarantee Orange gear requirements would have never happened the way they did.

I’m ranting now.
The war idea is a good one.
Making you grind your own game…
That’s just me, wondering how things would have been different if you had continued to level up your guild along with us…


I think a better idea would be to have them fly us to Wisconsin and let us test everything on their test server.


Server 0… Me and devil offered that option many times for beta testing… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Yes @SueyJitSu and bb elite were original beta testers but sure why not have a non competition server to bug report stuff before it’s mainstream released. Can cap the progress there just duplicate accounts to sit and play test and observed discrepancies in a way that helps Perblue orchestrate ideas based on physical evidence without themselves working the servers and going by word of mouth tickets to assess things.

I volunteer as tribute to the hunger games server


Miskatonic U… Whatever happened to those???


Well in my personal opinion. Now there is not to much different. I’m having or not Honor class I believe yesterday adjustment the first one.

Was very close to perfect now I believe you guys debuff too much.


Block Boss was called beta by the players. Never by PB really.
It didn’t even have war. Only arena.
Server 1… IS the test server now.
At least all this mayhem with honor skills was sorted kinda quickly… Rather than being this way for like a whole war season or something


As ive said so many times…
Simple beta teating would have highlighted so many of the issurles that these updates cause.
It is not hard to create a server, invite select players, give them lots of freebies for the beta accounts, and have them test every update before release.

There ate people playing this game who would take beta teating serious enough to provide Per Blue valid feedback, but Per Blue seems tonlack any cimmitment to this path


Yes. Yes, we would :slight_smile:

Technically we are doing that on a massive scale on s1 lol.
But now I’m no longer able to play floor zero, server zero would be cool.
I would love to try out different ideas for hero lines that I can’t justify spending the money, time and resources to see how squire stone mass would work as both versions of their honour skills, and which two damage heroes to put alongside them to make a new meta…

Sadly none of these heroes will ever be levelled enough to try.
Never mind the essence!

Guess #makemogreatfinally will have to wait too


Did Wandering Sword get taken out of gold and blue chests? I just opened 140 finesse chests and I’ve opened several hundred gold chests and haven’t see the wandering sword in a week.


The idea of A real server for beta test would be great. I am in for this deal.