Honor Skills Changes coming soon!


While we are on the subject of testing, add a private arena to each guild (to be bought by influence). Then in that arena you can chose a lineup to play against, choose its gears, crystals, subclasses, honor, rank, the whole thing. And then, you get to choose energy levels coming in for both teams, choose buffs and debuffs like we have in GW.
If PerBlue doesn’t want to release all the numbers, that’s fine, but give us a testing platform instead.
For everyone yelling ‘unfair’ for GW duration - just close it once the wars start, reopen after they end.


This red skills are just horrible. Not just are they too strong, it is more how you are able to get them. They completely changed the system. Before you had to grind the hero you wanted to have the skill on. Not with red skills. Here you have to grind other heros to red to have the skill unlocked. Sounds stupid? Yes, because it is!
Per Blue im gonna tell you now how a majority of the playerbase plays this game. The level just one or two teams. The rest is far behind. Not being level 1 but also not top color and level. What do you think will happen now, when you need to have pretty much all heros at red to have the skills unlocked? If the required heros are not it the leveled group you won’t have the skill. Which is bad.
Do you think the players are happy with this? Does anyone who had this stupid idea actually think this was a good idea?
People won’t have red skills unlocked for a long time. The imbalance you created will therefore stay for a long time. Especially with the sky rocket high requirements for gold 8.
And even more people will leave the game. How many server merges does it need for you to understand this?


All I know is that I have dropped drastically in arena, tournament, crusade. I find things way too hard for me to even begin trying to learn a new system.

And that’s before I get started with fort.

I have seen no personal progress since this new introduction, and I’ve lately ask myself why I keep bothering logging in.

I can see both points here. If I had all the bells and whistles, I’d not want it changed, but for the rest of us who don’t have so much free money, we’re losing interest. Quickly. Way too quickly.



Oh… there are three new ways to get more essence without levelling up an unused character to red! Yey!!

What are are they, I hear you cry?

  1. Portal Lord’s. Choosing the winning faction.
    Okay… we can manage that, just get a line group going so we follow the “big dogs”…
    That’s not too bad, everyone is equal there.

Oh… wait… The top guild gets an extra one??

  1. Finishing in the top three in contests.
    That’s the top three people.
    Not the top 3%, or anything else slightly possibly achievable. The top three people.


  1. Spending $20.
    Wait… If you spend $100, you get an extra one?




It’s interesting how people upset about the nerfs tend to have 50+ essences. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though.


I agree with some comments. I have many toon teams at about 150k to 160k power beating teams over 200k. Takes time to learn how the skills work together. In the meantime i just keep collecting arena tokens because so many do not know how to beat my 160k team.
I am glad some old toons got revitalized usefulness like spell.
And if you start nerfing, some of us spent a lot of gold changing essences as we learned how to win in red so that may suck.


You say ‘top three people’, do you really mean guilds? Or is it an actual individual player thing?


I’m not Mici, but…

The last 2 contests were individual and only the top 3 players in the contest got an essence.


Insert “THIS!” Reaction here


Why did you break the game so badly in the middle of war season? Turned it into Whales only comp. Honestly contemplated quitting. Initially lost my defense lines and couldn’t hit in war as rendered temporarily useless. What a slap in the face for something I’ve invested considerable amount of time and money on


Ah, I’m a moron, read the “contests” as “Portal Lords”. I’m a dork :stuck_out_tongue:


At what point is 5% vs 1% vs 10% in individual contests ? Could you tell us the count cutoff?


Given it will change almost constantly and be different every contest, depending on how many people play…

Not sure how they could.
And if they told you what the cut off was last time, you aimed for that and less people played…
Would you demand compensation because you didn’t make it?


Here is the list of changes coming to Server 1 soon!