Honour tokens exchange


:sunglasses: We are currently having the deals to swap Honour tokens primarily for custom toon skins. It not a bad thing but I do prefer to spend my honour tokens on essences, weirdo that I am…:sunglasses:
Is there any chance that this same kind of exchange deal could be done for Fortress or Crusade tokens??
Just an idea…


That will be amazing. To use all the different token to get essences or skins.

Arena, war, royal, Fotress shops have not been updated or refresh with new possibilities for a while. And sinces the new trail give epic gears. It seems pointless to spend tokens on any of this shops. So we are only stocking then.

It is a very nice proposal to give back the interest on tokens for this shops. Outside off one or two PL quest. I believe not to many player are using tokens of this shops.

Also will be good to add to guild shop more stuff. Also essences or cosmetic there.
But guild shop are still been using. But not the influence I believe all the guilds have always near or close to max on influence point store. (well all guilds that have been a while running not new ones of course)

@Polaris @OhRlyeh any of this on next update


Thanks for the feedback!! It would also help if we could use those same tokens to buy Epic forge charges too!!

Why does everything seem so linked to honour tokens!! L