Hot Fix Incoming


There will be a server restart 4/24 10:30 CT :clock1030: to hotfix loot issues for Endless Dungeon and Portal Lords.

  • Fix issue where the incorrect items were being shown as rewards for Finesse and Focus tiered rewards in Portal Lords
  • Fix issue where low-level gear was not being filtered out of Endless Dungeon drops.


Fixing my epic dungeon too? I’ve never been able to play it and I’m at level 100. Please fix?

                                                    Miss kat 2


Can y’all fix the amount of portal lord quests that we have now for war? War sucks and is boring and we’re sick of doing it, but now the majority of the rare and uncommon quests for my guild are war related. And it’s the end of the season. Most agree that Portal Lords is a fun content, probably the best that’s been released for the game. After constant war that’s redundant af, we finally get a new exciting feature that… Wait for it… Forces us back into the same boring redundant war because that’s the only decent quests we have… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: @OhRlyeh



:smiley: Thanks @Chaos I made this feature for you thinking about our conversation ages ago <3. I’m glad you like it BUT some people like war. Not EVERYTHING can be about you :stuck_out_tongue: Just Dismiss the boring ones and get new quests.


Lol do you see the ss? That’s a lot to dismiss and we only get 3 tries a day :roll_eyes: I’m not saying turn them off lol, but for sure the rates should be less


But yea portal lords is the best part of the game by far… Also maybe a feature where a leader or commander can dismiss say 3 quests a day for the guild w out it costing anyone anything, that would be perfect @OhRlyeh :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Or or a perk that allows us to dismiss x amount of quests per day


hmmmmm… I’LL DO IT!


Oh good! If not I’m flying to Maddison… I know which desk is yours and I’ll get crumbs all over the forkin place


I cant beat 5 finess people at arena because im at challenger :stuck_out_tongue: and among the top

And i loose anyways when i try to beat the only finess dude above me :frowning:

Me dont like Lord of Finess

Does that qualify for a hot fix? Lmao


Lol in my guild we get loads of shrine buff ones


like the idea of war quests. not a fan of the amount.
it’s fun to squeeze in one, two or maybe even three of these quests into a war plan. but to build up the whole war plan around the quests is tiresome.

yes, we are dismissing a bunch of quests all the time, but it feels like 90% of uncommon and rare quests are war related :frowning:

also… i thought i heard something about the guild wall not being cluttered my ‘mission accomplished’ messages and the chats wouldn’t have to be that colorful all the time :joy:

thanks for deleting the undoable quests tho :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
an option to make a quest not appear again still would be great :slight_smile:


Is this gonna fix me missing being able to buy another portal lords quest


A couple of times, I’ve seen the same exact quests, available for different difficulties and points, at the same time. Like I believe as an example, there was a donate 5 war points manually offered for like 400-700 points, and the same quest for 1200-1400 also offered at the same time.


You’ll notice that for the same exact quest, just with different difficulty rating and points assignment, the time to complete is different. Easier quest, less points means more time to complete task. Harder quest, more points means less time to complete the task.


would be nice to have the endless dungeon actually giving out more than 1 boss key as well i just went from floor 5 to floor 60 and only got 1 key while trying to do a quest that requires me to collect 3 keys?


We have a bunch of war quests when war season is over. We tried to dismiss them and got… More war quests


my apologies everyone at per blue i didn’t realize we were only allowed a max of 3 keys per day in dungeon and seeing as i got some earlier today that’s why i’m not getting anymore i just seen it in the support faq


Yes they are same quests with different times, but almost every single one I’ve seen has been something instant to finish like donate war points, or these in the pic. I dunno how you guys do the shrine one but I wait til I find the shrine, I don’t start the quest and hope I come across it later.