How about new chapters for campaign with new toons in it

New chapters in campaign with new toons in it

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But, seriously…
The campaign “story” (regardless of what you thought of it) ended.
Pretty much the last levels were all just people wrapping up loose ends and going home, with cake for rogue lol.

Given how much of the items are palette swaps already (sepia AND gold versions was an impressive touch…) - what would the new levels actually have as rewards?

Regardless of what you think of heroes ending at level 285 and gold+14, the fact that heroes have ascended 3 times and the associated level caps, they couldn’t add extra stuff at this point.


Don’t get me wrong, I agree that some of the existing levels should continue to be rejigged for which heroes shards they drop.

The fact that some of the initial ascended heroes are still in FOUR elite levels, while father forest was only in TWO was a drain on our elite resets that was not necessary.

At this point, Per Blue really could help the players by reducing heroes that have been ascendable for months down to TWO levels, and put the latest heroes in at least three…

Next month, once the whales have finished gloating about their birds and eggs, it would be lovely for them (and possibly dragon…?) to appear in some.

Even if they appear in one or two to start with, then three the following month if possible…

There are (20? * 7) + (30? * 10) levels to play with…
(440 maybe?)
134 heroes?

129 if you take out lamp pony and dungeon only.
Reducing the older heroes down to TWO each, would guarantee enough for THREE each for all the later ones.

But yeah, whales gotta whale.
And so the eternal wasting of elite resets continues…

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But seriously @Samm once the next dungeon hero ascends, we really need to have something else in place for collecting ascension shards.

It’s physically impossible to collect enough boss keys to effectively build up them.
Even spacing them out to start middle and end of the hero list (in which case one should have been here by now ish), isn’t going to help…

What do ya mean? My dragon is capped and I still got 3700 boss keys. Gotta run or raid 30 keys (limit for a day) once in a while.

Good for you

I’ve got 2000 on my main, too…

But for newer players and dungeon haters / people with multiple accounts that don’t have time for that struggle.

30 keys is 2 hard runs.
Depending on favour, this nets you 100 - 200 shards, per day.

One ascension is around 4000 shards.
So people have to wait 20 to 40 days per ascension, per hero.
Orrrrrr 2 to 4 months for each hero to be maxed.
So starting from zero, that’s 6 months to a year for the three heroes to be levelled.

Once 4 and 5 star ascension come, then it’s even longer.

And that’s if they have enough torches to find all those keys in the first place.

Given most of us can max the heroes where shards are in elite levels in 15 to 30 minutes if we spam resets, I think that there might just be the tiniest amount of a discrepancy in the availability of resources for the dungeon bosses…

Don’t you?


Haha last weekend finally managed to ascend dragon 3 woo hoo lol Now I just have to collect 3000+ to max lol
i would like to see MORE dragon, eggsecutioner and magpie in the Event Chests we purchase during contest weekends. Last week i received approx 30 Dragon shards (has to be the most ever! Usually 15 to 20) 15 Eggsecutioner shards (3 chests) and 10 magpies (2 chests), out of 200 chests! Very disappointing, surely this can be improved. Receiving 100 princess’s or wanders when you have 1000’s is like ughh.
Since the new toons came out I’ve seen normal and ascension shards of Eggsecutioner in guild shop once and no normal Magpie only ascension has come up once! Magpies epic gear once but yet to see Eggs. Can these items be more frequent , please.

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Given 1 ascension or normal shard is 4000 tickets, and you can only donate 3000 tickets a day (even though I’m sitting on literally millions of purple gear scraps now!)…

Even if they did turn up more, it’s not like we can buy the 4000 shards and 4000 ascension shards we need (per ascension level … Per hero!!)

8000 in total at 4000 each is 32 MILLION GUILD TICKETS.
For ONE ascension level of ONE hero.

I’m pretty sure no one is sitting on that many.

Do you see the scale of the problem yet? @Samm @Loutre

I’d love to hear @General_Cinnamon_IX take on this discrepancy too lol :wink:


I’m pretty sure some of these could be turned into guild tickets without leaving me short.

Pesky 14-4 / 14-6

Not to mention that ranking FIRST in the current contest doesn’t even give enough ascension shards to fully max tabbi :joy:

Even if it did, that’s ONE person on the whole server.

Pity poor rest of us.

I think 15 minutes of work for one hero a week and another per month is a wee bit stale. Makes many not bother to log on. (It’s more like 3 minutes if you’re VIP, 30 if you’re not, assuming you have a healthy scrap inventory.)
The thing about boss keys is you can earn them any time well before heroes are released. It takes them over 2 years to ascend everything so 2 months of keys for each of 3 heroes is nothing. Also, dungeon activity begets more torches (along with gems for stamina, scraps), thus the more hard-core players get it faster than casuals, like with any normal progression game.


I agree with all the points you make.

My issue is the discrepancy between the time needed to ascend heroes available in elite campaign, and the the time and resources required to ascend heroes that aren’t.

Yes, the triviality of ascending one hero a week is not an engaging task.
However, running / raiding normal dungeon for 30 keys to hit 2 runs of hard dungeon nets you, on average 160 shards.
Rinse and repeat that grind 25 times (unless you farm / get lucky with x4 or x5 when you get a 10+ shard drop) to ascend one hero, once…

I’m tired just reading that! :wink:

I agree that “hardcore” players, with no other time commitments, that stay awake through the clicking tedium, will get heroes faster.

As it should be, to some extent.
However, this is one of those QOL issues that Per Blue (in their defence) has in the past identified several time sinks and introduced measures to alleviate for players.

Again, my issue is not that it is time consuming to do so.
It is the almost black and white / chalk and cheese / night and day comparison between the two.

Anyways, enough talk.
They’ll fix it, or they won’t.
I’ll be in the dungeon.
Until these 1900 keys (I’m slowly getting there lol) run out.
At least I’ve got 90k torches to get the keys going forward…

Pity my poor alt.

They still haven’t defeated 5 grave wraiths…
I’ve got a feeling that 29 keys isn’t going to be enough :frowning:

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