How are opponents drawn for war

I have been given all sorts of explanations by Perblue, none of which make any sense.
According to our war rewards we were 44th in crowns on S8 this morning.
If we can believe that it is decided on crowns then we should have got a similar guils in war.
But no, we have a top guild.
Are all the other 40 guilds above us not queued?
Or is the system flawed?

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You sir, have a legitimate argument. Can’t match with a guild within 5 wars of last fight against them, but they should have matched with a higher guild. Luckily the war season is new so you have plenty of time to catch up.

My complaint to support has been ignored and it has happened again . There is no way this draw can be justified
Perhaps someone knows how it is done

Possibly Polaris can explain it

The disparity in matching that we are experiencing is very discouraging. First PB delayed the start of the new season, then we are matched with guilds that are WILDLY more powerful. Twice in a row. It isn’t even a question of not winning. It’s a question of not even standing a chance. It is exactly the keep Nd of thing that makes people want to quit the game.

And PB is offering no explanation.

There’s a “no matching the same guild for the next five wars”

If that carries over seasons, then it’s entirely possible that the top guilds have played the handful of guilds between you in the last few wars.

Therefore, when it looks for a match, it rules out the next crown lower, and the next, and the next, until it lands on you.

That’s my take on it, based only on the last couple of seasons experience.

Of course, there’s no “last 67 wars rule” to be faiiiir…

In short:
Suck it up, buttercup.
Keep losing crowns and you’ll match weaker guilds :wink:


In my honest opinion, I am struggling to understand how your guild with so many crowns is so low in the rankings.

There was a minimum of 40 guilds between us and Dark Knight. Even taking into account the “no matching for 5 wars” that still left 30 to 35 who should have drawn against them before us. To me thats sounds very like a broken system and an algorithm that doesn’t work.
Perblue don’t appear to care to answer so I’ve come to the forum

To be honest - It has been on occasion I have been accused of being part of a conspiracy that I know how PB do things etc.
I do happen to know how the match making works though.
They utilise the LilDart formula to determine which guild should match with which. It is quite random.
I happen to have rare footage of it being used …

Dammit, @SueyJitSu



Thank for your wisdom @SueyJitSu
Your explanation made things clearer and while it didn’t make the draws more equitable it did improve my mood

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