How did you get here?


Hey all, I was just wondering how everyone started playing this game. I got here via another game’s tapjoy ads, but I doubt those who played since the beginning did as well.
So, post below how you got here :smile:


It was recommended to me by someone I know that plays Dragonsoul.


Found on Google Play Shop as something that might interest me ^.^


perblue killed the best games ever made for mobile which lasted nearly a decade,being PK so I followed here to find that same magic


Aye, found it on the DS forums, ha!


I’m a max level player on Dragonsoul, hate the way Gree is taking the game after the handover from Perblue, heard PB had a new game so decided to give it a go.

So far, so good. Needs tweaks but it’s got most the bases covered.


I saw ads for this game for a while. At first I thought, “Great, another 5-hero team game clone.” Then I discovered that this was developed by PerBlue (I saw it mentioned somewhere in the DS forums). I never downloaded an app so fast in my life. Like @Lost_Sock, I hate the direction Gree is taking DS, so I decided to give this one a try.

So far, it’s got potential. It’s got the wit that I so enjoyed in DragonSoul, and I like it.


It was a “what we’re playing” on the App Store and decided to give it a try.


Through a combination of the App Stores “More Games You Might Like” and tapjoy ads for another app. Begin playing and it’s quickly become a favourite. :smiley:


Installed for free gems on Animation Throwdown. Loved it so much played ever since. 75 days I think? Got bored with the game that brought me here :smile:


I got here through a tapjoy ad too! I wanted diamonds for a cookie clicker type clone and had to install PQ. I immediately loved the game and the style and so I kept playing. After a week of PQ I stopped playing that old game and haven’t looked back since.


Same, and I didn’t even get the reward!


i came from DS, but i still wipe my greehole with perblue


I got here because I was getting a ton of ads on it from this one game I forgot. #noregrets


I received a pop up from Wal-Mart saying I qualified for a $1000. gift card, filled it up. Only one silver prerequisite, to download this game and reach level 10. I’m level 24. It was worth the download.


I came out winning even if I don’t get cash because the game relaxes. Me.


I was just looking for some rpg apps and this came up.


My son saw an advert while playing some random game on his tablet.
He wanted to try it.
I watched him play once or twice.
Fast forward a year lol.

He has long since had it removed, due to the chat aspect of the game…


Also why I won’t let my daughter play. The chat is too sketchy for the wee ones.


I know right…
All the robux players.

And All the drug references @SativaSavvy

But the worst people Are All these people flirting with girls and saying “pics or it didn’t happen”.
Oh… Wait…