How did you get here?


Got here by a TapJoy offer for a mobile game I played for about 2-3 years, Unison League. I regularly play both of these now :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. With my sweet name “SativaSavvy”.:joy: Guess I’m not doing much to help the references. :zipper_mouth_face:


Yes, and Mici has never been accused of excessive public flirtation.


Ahh, so that’s how she’s getting her pixie hero! Guess I need to brush up on my skills…


@OhRlyeh I’ve never had any complaints…

Unless moaning counts, lol :wink:


I downloaded this game to earn tokens in another game, but before I would have deleted it, I liked the game enough to continue playing for over (at least) 7 months now.

I thought I had left ‘long-term’ games behind.
When a new player starts portal quest, they progress very rapidly; so I guess that’s the reason why portal quest appealed to me so much, and I have become quite addicted to it.
And, it has probably been my longest ‘long-term’ game I’ve ever played!


Sticker and Trickster nice to see familiar folk from DS. Thought I’d give it try when I espyed it on Play store. Might not be playing much as I have my PC Strategy games that were much neglected because of DS!


Holidays must be “mosey over” time. Got an in game cue and saw this was a PB game so thought I’d check in. Still DSing until all Christmas rewards are collected than I’ll be making a strong run before setting it aside awhile along with this one. So to any other DS folk heya.


I was trying to get line coins to buy better stickers. I used to play a game called line rangers. Never did get my line coins. But… since this was only 2 weeks old i figure i got a good start from the begining. Line rangers was fun but i never really went back to it