How do heroes gain energy?

I know heroes gain energy automatically as time goes on and some toons have special skills that gain energy quicker than others. Aside from essences, do you gain energy when taking damage? If so, how much energy and do all toons gain the same amount?

as you say, each toon has a base energy gain amount which is usually between 3 and 12 energy /second.

some toons, like punk, jelly, or tree, have a skill called inner power, which means they generate energy
when they lose HP.

there are other skills (aura, embers blessing) than granny heroes energy at the end of the wave - very useful for war!

the final way I can think of to steal energy (from your enemy) is by using the energy steal skill (tabbi, punk, willow, probs more). other specific skills are punk’s white and baby stroller epic (I think)

sidenote: the ‘fatigue’ debuff stops the hero gaining energy from any source whilst the debuff is active. counter it with roo, the new hex person or bless

Pro tip: Shake your phone during a battle to gain energy faster.


@Specs said almost all :slightly_smiling_face:

  • normal generation
  • stealing energy
  • blessing and giving energy
  • debuff
    But there is also
  • some skins which help to get some energy at the start of battles
  • other skills besides Inner, Amber, steal … that gain a BiG amount of energy when killing an ennemy (ViGOR)
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you talk about special skills and all that but I didn’t understand none of that can you break that down more so I can understand it it would be greatly appreciated

Can you explain in more detail what debuff is

Here’s some exemples of skins adding more energy and skills that give , steal or gain energy.

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Heroes also gain energy from being hit some heroes gain 50 energy from a killshot aka merc others gain energy when they pass from wave to wave aka energetic aura. Hot tip read through all of the tooltips for the skills on each hero as there are far too many to list that feed energy in some way shape or form.

This subject should be closed … there’s nothing to say more about Energy !!!

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