How do I defeat sleep line?


What’s the best line to use against sleep line


Blessed heroes. Epic WW


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It was a honest typo! I swear!
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Bless works, yes.
You could just use tenacious heroes?


Lolol yes they would work too.
Panther, Wisp and dragon for a team ain’t bad.

Though… Depending the server they are on etc, those heroes may not be up to a usable state I guess.
WW is OG of epics :wink::v:️:metal::call_me_hand::ok_hand::vulcan_salute:


Storm wizard is tenacious too… :wink:

Depending on the server, epic wander may not be a thing either, boss.
Plus the amount of levels and grinding needed to get her there…


Welp… My knowledge doesn’t surpass S1. Even that knowledge is tacky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Join the s9 super guild, boss…
You know you want to.
You can be our discord rep in the leader channel, seeing as the rest of us are already there…??? :wink:


If not epic or tenacious. A good swash with any other front lime will also crush sleep. But as everyone bis saying before will depend on the Heroes you have on the server available.

I use to use this before epic. Lol


Thank you @Polaris for tending to my laziness :hugs:


They’re watching. Always watching :eyes:




@OhRlyeh is not going to like you posting their picture in the forum suey…