How do we spend guild scrip currency?



I answered this in your last thread.

Get the guild to level 4.
Unlock the guild shop.
Get leaders to stock things you like.

Let me get some pictures.


In the perks option of the guild screen…

The option you are looking for is the bottom one on this picture.

It will only be there, if the guild is level 4 or higher.
You can also see that our guild is level 5 on this picture.

That will unlock the “guild shop” button, That was on the top picture.
Under the check in button.

That’s where you spend the scrip.


The things that are stocked in the shop, are put in there by the leaders of your guild.

It costs influence, or diamonds to stock the shop with gear, hero shards or resources for now.

There are three more sections of the shop coming soon.

What you will find, is that things are way way way more expensive than they should be.

I mean look at this exp!

No wonder it’s still in the shop! :wink:


Oh im only on level 59 xx thanx tho