How do you get more raid tickets

Hey I was just wondering what are the ways you can get raid tickets in the game

Monthly vip as daily or random loot in campaign

Does the merchant sell raid tickets? Never seen them before.

As far as I know only VIP levels or campaign drops can give you raid tickets. And special deals that sometimes appear can have them.

Shops do not sell raid tickets (yet).

There are a few ways.

  1. as a starter you can collect free raid tickets for 7 days.
  2. You could pay and get vip. Then you can get a fair amount of raid tickets daily.
  3. Battle and wait for the raid tickets to fall.
  4. hope that PQ will have somewhat contest or something that will give out raid tickets.

Sorry Helios. Thought he was asking about torches. Oops. I feel so smart now. :joy::joy::joy:

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Lol Hulkette! Didn’t know they don’t sell raid tickets in merchant :joy:

No. That’s not what I meant. I’m not stupid. I honestly thought he meant torches. Don’t be a jerk

Ohhh, I’m sorry then :disappointed:

Thanks guys for your help

Hey look in the guild shop resource shop stock from time to time and you can buy raid tickets. It’s 20 raid tickets at a time, if you are upgraded you can put out more stock to buy, stock of 25, of 20 raid tickets equals 500 raid tickets if you have everything to put them in stock and buy them. Hope that helps.

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