How does the Arena timer work?

How does the Arena work? I ask because it feels like when you get into the top 5, the timer starts. The longer you stay up there, the timer continues to count down.

When you drop into slots 6-10 it turns red. Does the timer start to move in the opposite direction until it hits the 1 day 19 hour mark again?

Reason being, I’m not sure how I can be expected to pop in every 15-20 minutes across almost 24 hours. Even if I sleep for 4-6 hours, by that point I’ve been knocked out of the running and have to start all over again.

I noticed someone that had less than 3 hours to go and he had fallen to a 6-10 slot. When he claimed top spot again, his timer was closer to 4 hours again. This was encouraging actually.

I just want to see if I’m missing a details that isn’t well outlined in the forums or help.

That is correct. It takes time to progress but well worth it for the diamonds.

The higher you go up in “arenas ranks” (silver, gold, plat etc)
The longer the timer will be
Get a good defensee and hope for the best xD

or be like me
And be friends with most of the server
and ask those in my arena not to attack me
Most agrees surprisinly

Perhaps not this down here

or else an angry turtle will find where you live

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I remember when we had to make Line groups just to promote. People in each group were assigned a random number to promote. Sometimes it took days and other times it took weeks or even months. Very glad those days are gone.

When was this? Did it all on my own on server one.

Same @Purple_the_Scout but on server 6.
Didnt know about the line groups. I probably slow down the promotions without being aware of all this :sweat_smile:

It was so much easier knowing you could hit and get to the top, and then sleep.
Only had to worry about a precocious promoted player maybe knocking you down one or two spaces.
Then when you got back to top, the pack would attack en masse , knocking them out of the top spots over and over again till they gave up.

It was okay when there were five promotion slots.
But as you got to the top tiers and it fell to three, or two, then one …

Probably literally in some cases lol

Of course by the time I got to platinum tier, the groups had disbanded and it was a literal warzone.
Plat 2 was atrocious.

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