How long is the average response to a support ticket?

Now we all know why I’m writing this and it’s because several select players tickets are overlooked or not looked at and you can make whatever excuses you guys want to but I have plenty of proof to show anybody otherwise. I’ve had tickets in since March this year completely unanswered. But then I have someone else submit exactly the things I reported back in March and the very next day there’s action taken. But then having a cs ticket for my compensation of the 150 epic keys that were wasted on a “quick fix” by @OhRlyeh still not answered one bit nor any apologies for being given false information. Have the screen shots and videos to prove all of that as well. Also being told to wait for cs tickets when they’re never answered is getting very old. I get that your company never accepts the blame and the natural response is to blame another’s programs or device or connection strength etc. but all of that is besides the point… an issue that happened over 2 weeks ago still not replied nor compensated for keys. How long is this queue you keep blaming for things not being answered? Also I haven’t made any tickets since I was told that making new ones pushes the ticket back in line… so honestly what’s the time frame for a ticket response supposed to be?

Clearly they dont like you. Best of luck with that



Has it been answered yet?