How many people are playing this game?

I’m interested to know how many active players there are in this game. Google play states over 50M downloads, but I’d love to know how many of the acty play. I am assuming the makers of the game know. Please can you let me know. Thanks.

I know at least 6 people


That number is totally wrong that it hurts to look at

But there was a way to see how many active users there were
but it looks like it has been removed

I told someone about it when I could see how many they had but don’t remember who so can’t easily find it again

But it doesn’t matter that much
Since I still remember it was a lot

But asking for the numbers is kinda weird and I will assume they won’t answer since it’s weird and private information mostly

But I’ll bet they’ll answer, if you ask that question about Disney Heroes

That’s because it’s a squillion billion million
And three

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OKs, let me rephrase, at the risk of getting more sarcastic responded, how many people are there on server 10, is there a way of finding out?


You could only find overall active users
Nothing specific like servers

On server one, I finished the contest, finished out of top 50% and was ranked 2k so there are less then 4k playing on server one.

Overall I’d be surprised 10k people played regularly.

My Galaxy tells me the number of overall Galaxy users, but that’s not really a good snapshot.

Eleventy One

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I have a question.

Does it matter?

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There were about 3150 people in s1’s last contest. I’d prefer not to clog my account list up to check other servers.

The fact that question gets asked tells me enough