How to earn gems faster


How to earn more gems fast


Get high tier in arena/tournament standings
Plat 1- challenger : for arena
Gold 2 - plat 5 : in tournament
Daily sign-ins
Portal lords tier rewards
Fyber or tapjoy offers on the gem buying page (see offers) is at the bottom

Hoarding like it’s the coming of the apocalypse helps too
Don’t get suckered into buying daft gem purchases in merchants

A few ways to build a good reserve :wink:


Spend real money.
You get them quite quickly that way.

Or so I’ve heard, anyway…


Can’t help, I only know how to get diamonds


Do the fyber missions or what ever they are called. There are some ads where you have to install a game and reach lvl x to get 1000 gems or so ^.^

Some only require a download =)


Spend all the money you want, it won’t help with gem . first you need to get your scraps for gem in epic dungeon. Some you can get in Royal tournament ship’s. Some in arena shop’s . but most from epic dungeon. Kill boss you must be very strong. 2nd your hero’s need to be Orange and have gem spot on top of head. Like this

have only one hero and you get orange scraps. Have 3-5 hero’s like this get Gem scrap . that’s the trick.


R u srs?


I think we hold clarify the context of the resources :joy::joy:

Gem = diamond = blue shiny rock = costs money
Crystal = meth = your life lost chasing them

Gems and how pricey they are

Gems are way healthier than meth! Lol!