How to Fight in Manual Mode


Is there a guide anywhere out there that explains how to fight on manual mode? :confused:


Not really.

  1. Learn timing cooldowns of blue skills.
    Don’t activate your white skill when it’s about to trigger / wait for heroes to use them

  2. Learn opponent heroes “tells” for animations that can be interrupted.
    Trigger skills when that happens.

  3. Trigger skills for heroes with vigor mortis when opponents are nearly dead, in order to refill energy bar.

  4. Trigger your most useful skill right before using punk / bird skills, so that the energy goes to that hero.

  5. Practices channel skills in crusade (binder highway stalker in particular).
    Get a feel for how long possession lasts / how much damage is done when you fire asap / 50% / 75%.

That’s a fair enough start.
Whether people will chip in and help, keep their information to themselves or tell me off for revealing “SECRETS”, we will have to wait and see :slight_smile:


Crusade is your friend.
Pre charge your heroes in fight one.
Play fight two and practice.
Even if you win, retry battle until you are comfortable.


Some white skills are channel skills and can be hit before full (feral, dragoon, spell, nightstalker to name a few).
And don’t be afraid to use pause a lot. Pause is your friend.
And you can activate the white skill while paused. As soon as you unpause, it will go.


Then you truly don’t understand the rpg mechanics of pq. :expressionless:
Got to get to know your heros well enough to manual blind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you all for your wonderful advice… I have utilized all of your tips and just in a day I have noticed a big improvement in my skills…


Methinks someone replied to the wrong thread…

And now their message has completely disappeared, which makes me look silly lol


I am glad we’ve been helpful @Jonesy_II
Any weird quirks or further questions, just holler


Also keep in mind in manual, you can choose the order of hitting skills which can change a battle. Like hitting skills that hurt opponent’s defense before hitting your offensive skills.


What does pause do? I’ve tried it I always lose


I like to pause, then start again and re pause, so I’m basically watching the fight like a moving picture book… that way, I can activate a skill (or ignore it) most of the time sooner than auto would let me… and it helps to beat the opponent to hitting their skills. Ive found this especially helpful in tournament and dungeon


Pause just stops the screen like freeze and the begin starts it hit what ever skill you have to use. Best way is in crusade you can play around with it until you learn more. And with auto on you can’t activate characters like dragoon. Knight stalker, highwayman these are channel hero’s and active at 20%


I’m at a loss when I let it run on auto I win when I manual I lose. When you say activate, I’m not sure how to do that, I’m just a dummy🤣




Very helpful


I understand all this, but how to I activate these things. Nothing happens when I touch the various buttons. Only pause seems to do anything.


If Auto is off when you click on the toon pictures, when their energy is full, it activates their white skill


Thank you. Very useful information.

Some people mentioned redirecting skills at different heroes, but I can only turn on the white skills.


There are certain skills, Binder possession is the biggest one that springs to mind…

That are channel skills.
That you can start early and use the energy slowly, rather than in one click.

Now, if you pause the fight you can click the white skill button and it will show you which hero is possessed.
If you don’t like it, you can press the white skill again to turn it off.

Then you unpause, then pause again and try to see which hero it will possess that time.

Back in the day, that could be done for “free” with no energy used.
Now there is a negligible cost every time the skill is pressed , but it’s still worth doing.

Hope that helps explain what they mean, and one way it can be done.

As for any more information… SECRETS!


Thank you, i will try this out