How to Get Swashbuckler?


I want to get swashbuckler but there’s gotta be a better way to do it than the current system. Currently, I can either a) save up gems to buy shards (I already have 16 shards, so at 40 gems apiece I need 2560 more gems to buy him completely) or I can b) wait for him to show up in a gold chest (which, let’s be honest, won’t happen). Since he has no shop where he can be bought with a different currency (he is the only non-daily sign-in hero like this) and you can’t get his shards from campaign, he is the hardest hero to get. There’s gotta be a better way to earn his shards.


As for now that are the only ways… In other games PB putted always some contents strictly related to payer user… Said content would become avaible for F2P players once new one are added

So prob when a new champ only for GC will be added Saw will become farmable


Only way to get Swash is from Gold Chest. I mean you can buy his shards from shop too but thats insanely expensive in the long run.


But we all know how unlikely it is that will happen. If I got lucky enough to get a hero from the gold chest it would be something lame like highwayman or wander woman.


Thanks for that input I did not know that.


I’d say that the bulk buy option on the themed chest is the best bet. There’s a limited number of heroes in each, you know you’re only getting shards, and the “guaranteed” pull averages out to more shards/gem than the gold chest. Seems like clearly the best value as far as shard acquisition.


just dont get swash, he sucks.


This topic was from over a year ago, things can change, you know. Also, more heroes are still useful now for gamemodes where you can use all available heroes.