How to war crowns work?

Just wondering how crowns are calculated at the end of a war ? We are currently in 12th but 6 of the teams above us have won less wars , also before this war we were in 10th and even though we won we dropped

How many you’ve lost is just as important as how many you’ve won
In a lot of cases guilds choose not to queue in order to avoid the crown hit from a potential loss.

Someone posted the formula but it’s around 50 with a small adjustment for crown difference. (ie if there’s a large crown difference between the two guilds the swing will be wider but if they are within a couple crowns of one another both will gain/loose right around 50)
So the net for a loss is much bigger than just sitting out.

If you won and still dropped in rank then likely you faced a guild whose crown count was very close to your own and some of the guilds who passed you faced guilds whose counts were higher than theirs. So while you gained x they gained x + a differential bonus.

What Rev said is correct, but i think you are describing another situation.
You just reached Challenger earlier than some guilds that have more crowns than you.
So they arrive in Challenger later and just popup before you.

Tiers are depending on number of wins. But rank is depending on number of crowns. So some guilds with more crowns than you can be in a lower tier because they have harder opponents and may not have as many wins as you.

The guilds in front of you who have less wins, probably started the season with higher crown number than you. Crown number doesn’t reset after season.


Good point!
I wasn’t thinking about higher crown counts who were still in lower tiers.

Here is your answer @Baron_Alexus_IV

Rev has some helpful points, too. I feel this answers the question more directly though

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Read @KOBRETI explanation, might help you make sense of it

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