Howling Claw is so useful


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Wow, thank you so much

Didn’t know :open_mouth:

Now I will start using him even more :slight_smile:

Thanks Adam for making this forum so much better

Don't click

Hvis du ikke vidste det var jeg måske lidt sarkastisk


I used Google Translate so YOU’RE TO LATE and also I’m 14 not 12,I used to be 12 when I the year when I started playing PQ


From here on out, I am taking the high ground.

I’m just going to interact on the one time in a hundred that you actually say something worth saying.

Ignore you when you are being irrelevant or immature (even for a “twelve year old”)

And flag you when you are off topic , resurrecting dead threads and adding absolutely nothing to the topic.

P.s. to keep this post on topic , can I just say…

Panther stalker is the hero that howling claw wishes he was.
The second he gets released in each server, poor claw is kicked to the kerb.
How the mighty have fallen.