Howling claw issues since 1.10


So, I’ve noticed that howling claw has been becoming frozen in time multiple times in all modes. Mainly ones that consist of oasis being on either team. The screenshots I took were not the whole thing. He became frozen in the same aura from other times and it started at 1 minute 07 seconds into the match. Frozen the entire match afterwards. It didn’t clue into me of screenshotting it or video recording it until later but it should still do it justice. Hopefully it can get fixed… soon? In this matter, it was the howling claw on the OTHER team that got the frozen aura and it made me lose the match because he becomes untouchable. Likewise, when it happens to me, I would win because my howling claw is still alive technically.



I had a similar experience… server 2 I was hitting first place in challenger…
Enemy howling was bubbled off to side…when the bubble popped he didn’t drop. Instead he slid sideways
Fight was a timeout.
Took 3 attempts to finally get it to work and win the fight without him being trapped off the battlefield


Yeah, so sounds like oasis guardians bubble is a little off code at the moment. Should be an easy hot fix !


I find these bugs funny. It’s almost as funny as when claws face broke