Huge Alchemist glitch in War, needs fixed now

We have glitches going on in War with Alchemist and others, there’s no way we can finish War like this. The problem needs fixed now. This is the link to the video

Man you really made him mad.

So, technically, it’s not a bug, but a strange alignment of skills and the war tower. We’re looking into it.

I agree - it is technically a bug! lol
My guild has experienced issues as well.

War needs to stop. Game needs to be taken down. It needs to be fixed. Overtime for some PB staff :slight_smile:

Honestly I kind of feel the same way

It’s more issues than just Alchemist now. It’s also happening with Punk and hippo so far, I have videos for them also if you need them.

Hot fix in 15 minutes :slight_smile:

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Rather than hotfix by changing the tower you hotfix by changing heroes skills without proper testing - love it.

As you said it really isn’t a glitch, just an excessive amount of energy gain due to the energy sap on bleed. There are so many ways to correct this without removing the ability. And really, considering you already know energy sap works on bleed from dragon (PB clearly stated that energy sap ticked on the bleed dragon applies), it should have been predicted long ago.


We did think about changing the tower, but the developers said that would not be easy, and could cascade into a whole lot of other issues in war. The easiest thing after that is to remove those shared skills, temporarily, until the war tower can be fixed.

Please take a look at all war actions . Some cleans have been impossible even wit 2 mages down. Things that worked in spar don’t work now and I’ve leveled up and enchanted.

Well now that war isn’t happening, I’m going to assume you can just advance to the next tower, remove bleed from the rotation until fixed, and return energy sap.

Is anybody STILL having problems with Alchemist?
Every time I use him now, after his first Alt his energy gain is at a dead crawl for the rest of the fight. Well you all know how fast he gained energy before, now it’s next to nothing.

That is because they removed energy sap. It is a massive energy nerf and unless he gets damaged, inner power won’t make up for it.

Since he was originally build with base energy regen accounting for energy sap, his base energy stat is super low. As a result, his energy gain on attack will be glacially slow.

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Glacially slow is a bit of a hyperbole and there’s plenty of heroes who can hit and Target backline heroes to get damage off. He also has many ways to gain initial starting energy to get an early push. You have to play him a little differently sure but it doesn’t feel that big of a thing