I am fuming some1 needs 2 reply asap! have complaint about being silenced (wrongly, pics 2 show!)


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Best to send a ticket in from in game… Also, probably not the best idea posting info like your email address in a public forum.


So much This.

I would certainly edit the email out of your message, and copy and paste it into an in game ticket.


To do this:

Tap on your hero portrait (in the top left corner)
Scroll down to “support” and tap on it
Tap the messaging icon in the top right corner next to the search icon
Paste your forum message in there.


Thst really sucjs. Good luck. It’s the weekend, no one gonna respond.


Unless Im the only one seeing this, the message says you are silence for only 1 hour… @sheenamarina So you are probably already able to chat again :sweat_smile: And edit your e-mail from your post, not the best place to write it :neutral_face:


Uhhhh, I see myself and just send a ticket :slight_smile:


A ticket? Not heard of this… where do i go n whats a ticket jack? … thanx every1 for replying ive only played for 50 odd days im level 78 nearly 79 … love the game!


your post got flagged hmmm, weird, but you send a ticket ingame
click on your avatar --> Support --> pick any topic --> at the bottom it says ¨was this helpful?¨ --> click no --> click contact us
There you will be able to message the PB support team and they’ll answer why


I think mici pretty much explained…